Cove Woodland Trust

Cove Woodland Trust

The Cove Woodland Trust aims to buy 16 acres of land to hold in trust for the community of Cove and protect as a nature park.

We did it!

On 14th Mar 2018 we successfully raised £10,100 of £7,500 target with 195 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

Once we have raised enough to buy the land and pay the legal fees we would like to engage professional help to advise us on the best way to maintain the land and to purchase some basic equipment for looking after it.  At the moment we rely on the work done by Cove in Bloom volunteers who use their own tools, but such a large area will mean that we must have our own equipment.  

The Cove Woodland Trust is a charity run by volunteers from the local community.  The land is to be protected from building and conserved as a natural park and woodland for recreational use by the residents of the area whose wishes will be sought to guide the trustees in how to develop and manage the land. 


We have been offered this land by a local farmer and need to raise money to pay for the purchase.  We don't want to let this unmissable opportunity go by because we are keen to protect the remaining green spaces in Cove, and to provide recreation areas for everyone to enjoy.  This is the land that surrounds the Cove Woodland Walk that so many of you already use. We believe that the additional land gives us the chance to create even better facilities for local people and will help protect our environment and the wildlife. 


Previously Cove was a small coastal fishing community mainly surrounded by agricultural land which also provided quarrying for the natural stone and sand for use in building.  Most of this open greenspace has now gone, along with the habitats of indigenous wildlife such as deer, foxes, badgers, hedgehogs and small mammals, and a wide range of birdlife and buglife.  The trees, hedges, shrubs, and wild flowers which provided necessary homes, food, and hunting-grounds for these residents will be allowed to redevelop, and appropriate wildflowers will be re-introduced, along with suitable trees and shrubs to ensure that the park retains an ecological balance. This small piece of land will be sustainably managed to ensure our native wildlife has somewhere to live despite the extensive building in the area, and this park will provide space for the natural conservation of these species. 


Cyclists, walkers, dog walkers, bird watchers, naturalists, nature lovers, and children will benefit from this little corner of retained and restored natural habitat.  The core path which crosses the area already provides ample space for walkers and dog walkers, and at least one local nursery group uses the walk on a regular basis for outdoor play.   

We think this is a really important project for Cove and the nature park will be a great addition to the area.  If you think so too, please give generously.  We will!   


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