Court orders to allow a 4 yr old access to family.

by Father Missing Family in United Kingdom

Court orders to allow a 4 yr old access to family.
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A four year old child who has not yet met his father, will be allowed a more joyous and secure life with shared parenting.

by Father Missing Family in United Kingdom

This project is to give a child a full and balanced upbringing with two caring and concerned parents.

The funds are for legal fees to:

A) Ensure a DNA test request by court order, to establish beyond doubt the child's parentage. 

B) Add father's name to child's birth certificate, to give the child access to his full identity. (Currently his father is not named on any official documents)

C) Instruct the mother by court order to share Parental Responsibility, and so to let the child meet the other half of his family regularly, and at a frequency and duration suitable for his age. These details should be decided by an impartial authority.

Once the above specific goals are reached, my child will have secure access to his father; and so be able to develop in a structured and fair environment. All the studies show that children with access to two caring parents grow up to be more well-rounded community members, and in the future become better parents themselves.

My four year old child is being raised by my ex-partner who became pregnant but has 100% control, and has excluded me from the child's life to date, refusing requests for any discussion regarding his life inputs, and ignoring requests to attend a family mediation to resolve the situation in a responsible, adult way.

Outcomes of legal action:

Improved access to training and education of child. I am literate, numerate, and practical, and wish to share these skills with my child to help his future. 

The court order would allow the child access to appropriate housing and local facilities (increased independence, and life experience in a safe setting)

Currently the father is not listed on his birth certificate, and by not recognising the child has two parents, the mother is denying the child in question his identity, as well as income and family inclusion.

As all of my family, I have a love of the outdoors, and understand the value of nutrition and a balanced diet, and so can offer improved physical health from contact times.

By instructing regular contact, the child will have improved mental health and well-being through his formative years, as a court order can specify duration and frequency of his family time in a fair way.

Currently the child has a life with only his mother. Through a Court Order, he will be able to develop relationships with the currently alienated parent, and also his grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles, all of whom may be looked into by any agencies required to verify safety and appropriateness.

Right now my son has only what his mother chooses to tell him about his father and my side of the family (if anything at all). By full and fair family inclusion, and demonstration of steadfast care, love, guidance and support he will have the ability to make better choices in life, improved understanding of his rights and responsibilities as a citizen.

It is only conjecture, but I truly believe he will in turn have a better understanding of how to be a good father by being allowed access, reduced likelihood of being misunderstood or offending as he grows up.  I offer participation in arts, wholesome pastimes, and an enthusiasm and respect for our heritage.

We all should have a right to know who are parents are, and how to contact them. Once set up, even if the mother chooses to break a court order, my child will at least be able to contact me when he is older and able to make his own choices.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

If you are kindly able to pledge £20 and wish to know more, I will send you updates. If like me, you are also an alienated parent, and wish for any advice or signposting, I will happily share what I can to help you. So far it has been a torturous 4 years of doing all the right things but having them thrown back in my face. To protect the child I will anonymise any personal information about the people and specific companies involved.

Let's make 'Court orders to allow a 4 yr old access to family.' happen