Litter Abatement Order against Newham Council

Litter Abatement Order against Newham Council

To pay the fee to take Newham Council to court for a Litter Abatement Order forcing them to address the issue of prostitution stickers.

We did it!

On 15th Mar 2017 we successfully raised £482 of £452 target with 33 supporters in 4 days

As you may be aware from my twitter account @SitesOfNewham and the recent front page story in The Newham Recorder, I am taking Newham Council to court for their inaction regarding prostitution stickers that are blighting the streets of our borough. I have repeatedly reported several locations and the council have taken no action. As a result they are failing in their legal duty to keep the borough clean and should, I believe, be reminded of this in a location where they cannot ignore residents: Stratford Magistrates Court. I have therefore applied for a Litter Abatement Order against them and am confident of success as I have documented the case against the council thoroughly and carefully. However, in order to bring about this legal action I have had to pay £452 (£226 for the two sites that I am pursuing action over). If I win the case - which I am confident of doing - then I will recoup all my costs. If I lose, I will be hugely out of pocket. I am taking this action for the good of the community in which I live in the hope that the council which is supposed to serve us is forced to raise their game. If I had the financial support of others in this process it would ease the financial burden on me considerably. All money will be returned to those making donations in the anticipated success of the court case. Equally, if the case should unexpectedly not be found in my favour, I will not be able to return that money. If you can donate to this cause for the improvement of the environment in Newham, it would be much appreciated.

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