Court case to protect from greedy mobile networks

by tdeacon in London, England, United Kingdom

Court case to protect from greedy mobile networks
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Thousands are falling victims to fraudulent costs being added to mobile phone bills. Help fund a court case to force tighter regulations.

by tdeacon in London, England, United Kingdom

Thousands of people are falling victims to fraudulent costs being added to mobile phone bills without the bill payers consent.

Unscrupulous Tech entrepreneurs frequently imbed rogue software on consumers mobile phones that allow them to add charges to a phone bill without the phone user being aware. There is no requirement for a PIN, to make a call or to send a text to add these charges, and many victims are unsure how they incurred these costs.  Once these costs have been incurred all to often it is down to the customer to obtain a refund from the disreputable service providers with no assistance from the mobile networks. The refund usually involves the victim taking a text message code to the post office for a refund.

Mobile phone networks allow this to happen because they profit from, not only the transactions, but from the phone calls and text messages that are required to resolve the issue  and claim back from the fraudsters.

The Phone Paid Services Authority are ignoring Consumers Statutory right to a refund back into the billing account under s.45(4) of the Consumer Rights Act 2016.

This crowdfunding hopes to tighten up the rules to make this payment method more secure with a PIN and to make to mobile networks do more to help customers get their money back.


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