Couple in crisis

Couple in crisis

to be able to get a roof over our heads

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Ne and my partner became homeless on Sunday last week and we've been living on the streets ever since. We have been told by the council our mental health issues arnt severe enough (they are I've self harmed 3 times and tried to commit suicide 4 times) my partner has severe ADHD he's started self harming because of the position we're in! I have severe anxiety and depression and CIN2 which I need money for tablets and hospital appointments and stays. 

We need help for first months rent and deposit and food once we are in a flat or room we can then stand on our own two feet as we have a postcode and address...but untill we're in a flat we have nothing 

He has a young daughter that we can't get to because of no money and don't want her seeing us in dirty clothes and with cuts up our arms 

we've had no help from the council only 1 charity which have helped with food vouchers