Counter Force: Self defence and awareness for all

Uniquely tailored self defence programmes for all, no matter your age, gender, or condition. You can protect yourself. We will show you how.

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Counter Force tailors its self defence around your own body type, sex, personality; every individual aspect of you is taken into account. 

It can be a scary world sometimes. We live in periods of uncertainty; life is safer than it ever has been before, and yet despite that, the worst can still happen. Counter Force is the only UK based training group that will not only teach you everything you need to know, but will teach you how to defend yourself based on your own special set of circumstances. 

Our instructor has, over a long and varied career serving with the UK Armed Forces including the Special Forces, been privy to training from the very best in the world. He has taken their knowledge and applied it over a succesful career of teaching, close protection, and training for both military and uniform personnel, and the civilian sector. For decades he has used his extensive knowledge to keep safe both foreign royalty and the average man on the street. He has decided to open up this extensive font of knowledge to anyone who desires to feel just a little bit more secure in their life, and thus, Counter Force was born. 

The mission directive of Counter Force is simple. If you are an athletic young rugby player who is 6'1, we will teach you to defend yourself. If you are in your 80s and suffering arthritis, we will teach you to defend yourself. At any extreme, and all in between, there are things you can do to keep yourself safe and well. Never assume you are helpless; the knowledge and confidence we will give you will show you exactly what you can do. 

Every lesson, every seminar and every training course our instructor runs offers the personal touch and one on one tuition. Not everybody gets the same lesson, because not everybody is the same person! Naturally, there are common factors to self defence and awareness; but even though these will be provided, our instructor insists on customised, unique programmes for every single student he teaches. 

Above, one of the world leading instructors, hard at work on creating a lesson plan.

Every aspect of self defence will be covered at some point; and all of it will be focused towards you, and what you personally need. A few examples of what our instructor teaches are listed below:

  • Bullying: Children being bullied runs serious risks of destroying not only their school life, but their enjoyment of life in general. Our instructor teaches children not only how to physically defend themselves from bullies, but perhaps most importantly, to avoid being targeted by them in the first place. Most children simply wish to be left alone, and they can learn how. 
  • Female self defence: Our instructor has taught hundreds of women over the years to defend themselves; every single one of them said his courses made them feel more confident, secure, and safe. Several of them have had cause to put their lessons into practise, and all came away unharmed. The instructor will take you through your personal fears, your bad experiences, and your own particular set of worries. Combining this with your own physical ability, no matter how limited, you'll come away with a renewed sense of confidence.
  • Close Protection Training:  The bodyguard sector is growing. Our instructor has had decades of experience guarding both British and foreign royals, as well as billionaire businessmen, and for those curious about taking up this new career path, you can be assured you'll get the very best. 
  • Holiday awareness: There are some beautiful places in the world, complete with their own sets of dangers and things to look out for that are probably very different to what you are used to in your own back yard. Theory and roleplay focused courses such as this will help you understand the dangers you face in foreign climes, from a man who has worked for years on every continent of the globe. 
  • Advanced Self Defence: Advanced self defence classes are offered for those who perhaps have more chance than most of encountering assailants with weapons such as pistols or rifles. Using the very latest equipment such as the laser painting SIRT training pistols, or the localised electric shock generating Shocknife. Dummy IED vests and smoke grenades are amongst some of the more indepth tools used; all aimed at giving the student the most realistic experience possible, all whilst being perfectly safe and legal. 

The above are just a few examples of what Counter Force offers, but the instructor offers it all, from regular self defence, to stage fighting to movie military advisor roles; just look at this clip from the producers of the sci-fi horror movie 'Scintilla'. Scary Alan? Yes, that is our instructor! 

In essence, what we really want to do with this Crowdfunder is begin the process of constructing an academy; a true gym space where lessons can be held, with a classroom for the theory aspects. Up until this point, Counter Force has been very small in scale; simply a seminar or two per year, at various places around the country. Although we will still travel to you, we would like a place to call our own, and the ability to begin production of a programme of self defence DVDs focused on various aspects of defending oneself; either as an extra for those taking part in our courses, or for those who simply feel more confident learning from a DVD in their own home. 

We chose the Knight as our symbol for a reason. We like to armour people against threats. Help us achieve our goals and be part of something that will make you feel more confident forever.