Counselling Retreats for Campaigners and Carers

We aim to provide free counselling support to campaigners and activists from across the UK in a low-impact off-grid retreat space in West Cornwall.

We did it!

On 10th Jul 2013 we successfully raised £3,028 of £3,000 target with 59 supporters in 37 days

Counselling for Social Change is a counselling agency based in West Cornwall.  We were set up by people with backgrounds in environmental, social justice and peace campaigns.

Our aim is to provide emotional support to the 'social changers' the people that make a difference!  We've seen a lot of activists burnout or suffer from PTSD and we want to provide a space for people to get away, get some time to themselves and receive some emotional support.

We have some of the money towards our retreat space and have just purchased a shepherds Hut (as below) which will be on site within a month.  Our project is part of a larger permaculture project which is turning agricultural land into a forest garden.

Shepherds Hut

This campaign is focussed on helping with some of the basic infrastructure such as solar panels, compost toilets, water and wood burners to make a totally off-grid, low-impact retreat space.We've had this brilliant image of the 'Occupy' Guy Fawkes getting counselling designed by Stencil-Artist Arofish and a version of this will be one of the gifts (on T-shirts).

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