Counselling for Key Workers

by Scottish Counselling Services in North Kessock, Scotland, United Kingdom


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Our target is to raise £39,000, which will enable us to provide 1000 hours of much needed counselling support for key workers in Scotland

by Scottish Counselling Services in North Kessock, Scotland, United Kingdom

Maggie's Story: Supermarket Worker

This is Maggie. She works full time in a large supermarket, where she is a member of a great team of people, and she is proud to be classed as a key worker.

Maggie lives alone but she normally has a lively social life and loves spending time with her family. She adores her 3 grandchildren, who come over for sleepovers whenever they get the chance.

Normally bubbly and positive, Maggie’s mood has changed over the last few weeks. She’s feeling increasingly isolated from her friends, is missing her grandchildren and has lost much of her usual routine.  Maggie is not keen or comfortable using technology to communicate.

On the checkout, Maggie can serve up to 300 customers a day and is becoming obsessive about cleaning her hands and face because she is scared. Some customers are kind and appreciative, which brightens her day, but some have been rude, hostile and abusive towards her.

Maggie knows that everyone expects her to be the bubbly and happy, but inside, she feels like crying.

Maggie needs someone to talk to. She needs to share her feelings in a safe space, where she can be herself without fear of letting anyone down.


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