Counselling for Key Workers

by Scottish Counselling Services in North Kessock, Scotland, United Kingdom


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Our target is to raise £39,000, which will enable us to provide 1000 hours of much needed counselling support for key workers in Scotland

by Scottish Counselling Services in North Kessock, Scotland, United Kingdom

Davey's Story: Foodbank Volunteer

This is Davey.  He is a regular volunteer at his local food bank, a family man and the first person to turn to in a crisis.

Davey is married to Christine, a nurse working on the frontline, and they have 2 children. His time spent in the services means he is resilient and somewhat accustomed to traumatic situations – but even Davey is finding this tough.

He’s becoming increasingly aware of the numbers of new people visiting the food bank for help. He has also noticed just how much stress and anxiety they are feeling. It seems as if everyone around is full of fear.

Davey wants to support everyone around him but is consumed with his own private worry. He and his wife have a son serving in the armed forces overseas and a 15 year old daughter who is none too keen on home schooling. Davey worries about them both but what he can’t admit to anyone is that he is terrified of losing his beloved Christine to the virus.

Sharing isn’t something he has been actively encouraged to do in the past but Davey now realises he needs some help.

Davey needs someone to talk to. He needs to share his feelings in a safe space, without causing his family more worry.

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