Counselling for Key Workers

by Scottish Counselling Services in North Kessock, Scotland, United Kingdom


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Our target is to raise £39,000, which will enable us to provide 1000 hours of much needed counselling support for key workers in Scotland

by Scottish Counselling Services in North Kessock, Scotland, United Kingdom

Xavier's Story: Petrol Station Attendant and Student

This is Xavier. He works part time in a petrol station while studying for his degree. Xavier is Puerto Rican and his entire family still live there.

Xavier is grateful to have a job and he is proud to be classed as a key worker. But lots of his friends have lost their jobs due to lock down and are struggling to pay rent. He feels sad for them and guilty for worrying so much about his future when they are desperate in the present.

Xavier is finding it very difficult to focus on his studies when he is so uncertain about what opportunities might exist for him once he graduates this summer.

He has increased his shifts at the petrol station to save as much money as he can.  As a non-UK national, he isn’t sure what financial support will be available once he is no longer a student. Spending more time at work has only increased the conflict that he is feeling and  is struggling to make sense of it all. He desperately misses his family.

Xavier needs someone to talk to. He needs to share his feelings in a safe space, without feeling guilty about burdening any of his friends. 


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