Counselling for Key Workers

by Scottish Counselling Services in North Kessock, Scotland, United Kingdom


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Our target is to raise £39,000, which will enable us to provide 1000 hours of much needed counselling support for key workers in Scotland

by Scottish Counselling Services in North Kessock, Scotland, United Kingdom




Key workers are keeping our communities together and providing a critical lifeline for our most vulnerable people during this pandemic. They are battling exhaustion, anxiety and fear. They are fighting for survival.

We’re raising funds to provide those heroes with access to free counselling and mental health support across Scotland.

This project aims to help key workers who can’t access the proceeds of other fundraising activities; the ones who are often on low incomes; the ones who are experiencing trauma and grief through doing their jobs, jobs that were never envisaged to be ‘front line’ in a crisis.

They are the women and men who are caring for our elderly loved ones, delivering our post, issuing our prescriptions, emptying our bins, driving our buses and trains, caring for our children, delivering our online shopping, serving us in local businesses, shops and supermarkets. The heroes who are keeping our country going.

They are your loved ones, your neighbours, your friends.

Our target is to raise £39,000 which will enable us to provide 1000 hours of much needed free counselling support for key workers. (We’d actually love to raise much more – but that is down to you!)


Each hour of counselling costs £39. This is a reduced, non-profit rate that covers the costs of the counsellor, equipment/technology, venue (where applicable), insurance, supervision, professional membership costs, continuing professional development (CPD) training and a very small sum to manage the service.

Most people, but not all, will need 6 counselling sessions. This amounts to £234.


The best practice service that we already deliver to many people and organisations will be extended specifically for key workers.

This will enable us to start immediately and continue for as long as the donations keep coming. 

There is no doubt that the need for this service will only increase in the coming weeks and months.

During lockdown, we provide counselling by telephone and virtually, but as soon as those restrictions are lifted, we will also provide a face-to-face service across Scotland, as is traditionally preferred by most clients.

We offer expertise across a range of counselling specialisms and styles including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, person-centred, psychodynamic, integrative, relationship, dependency, trauma counselling and support. 

Our service is wholly client-led, which means that the needs of each client determine the type of counselling we offer in any given instance.


01. Current Need

There are large numbers of key workers in the UK who are risking their health by going to work each day during this pandemic.

Many of those key workers are surviving on low incomes and dealing with the added burdens associated with lack of money.

They are experiencing trauma/crisis daily in doing their jobs, and they need support now.

We believe our approach, providing free counselling by telephone, virtually and in person (when permitted), is critical and addresses a real and present need in society.

02. Future Need

We will experience a tsunami of mental health needs in our communities and society as a whole, as a result of the Covid-19 crisis. Now and in the longer term.

As life begins to return to some normality, our key workers may experience post-traumatic effects or impacts. But they will largely be expected to carry on as normal.

They can only continue to provide that critical lifeline for our communities if they have access to support. 

With your help, we can offer sustainable support that continues into the longer term so that key workers can access help when they need it and how they need it. 

03. Access to Counselling

Many employers do not have schemes in place for their staff, many key workers are self employed, and for those on low incomes, paying for counselling is unaffordable.

Existing needs, prior to the pandemic crisis, far outweigh provision available nationally and waiting lists can be long.  

So far, we’ve seen much fundraising for NHS staff, for example for physical needs (PPE, food, hand cream etc) but few projects that focus on mental health and emotional wellbeing, particularly for non-NHS key workers. 

04. Testimonials

In producing this campaign, key workers have shared their thoughts with us…

“Receiving counselling enables me to be seen and heard. It will help me to keep my thoughts from spiralling into depression. I’m more ‘available’ for customers as my work becomes more of a service than a job. Some people have not seen anyone for a while, so it is important to be cheerful and kind.”

“I don’t think I could cope with work if I didn’t have counselling support.”

“I really look forward to my sessions and like having an outsider to talk to. I think a lot of my family/colleagues would really benefit from this service as well.”

05. Not For Profit

This project is not about generating profits and does not feature gimmicks of any kind. It is simply about you helping us to offer effective support to those who need it most.

Our team and volunteers have dedicated their time and will continue to work on this project without payment. We are all committed to using our skills and experience to raise awareness, generate funds, deliver the service and keep you updated on progress.

06. Benefits

This project will demonstrate our appreciation for the role our key workers are playing in keeping our communities together and providing a critical lifeline for our most vulnerable people.

This project will help support individuals and families to cope with the effects of trauma and reduce the negative impacts as much as is possible.

This project will help avoid serious long-term implications for society and communities, and exponential growth in costs to the NHS and other publicly funded bodies.


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