Counselling for everyone #1

by Ciaran Hurley in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

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Not everyone who needs it can afford counselling, those who can’t rely on the NHS which is stretched thin, or charities who are overwhelmed.

by Ciaran Hurley in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

I believe that counselling and therapy services should be available to everyone, but I know that a lot of people who experience very real difficulties and still find that the under-funded NHS can’t offer them a service when they need it for free. Sometimes there isn’t even an NHS service that can meet their needs.

Most of the charities that offer counselling and therapy services in South Yorkshire work with people who have specific needs or circumstances. The charities that are open to all have very long waiting lists and some have had to close their waiting list because they’re overwhelmed by high demand.

This leaves people who can’t afford to pay for private services unable to get help that could make a great difference in their life. Counselling can even help to save a life if someone is feeling suicidal.

Like most people, I can’t afford to work for free and that’s where you come In.

Each time I raise £300 through crowd funding I’ll be able to offer an assessment and six counselling sessions to a person who needs support but can’t get it because of the desperately short supply of free services.

Thanks for taking the time to hear my message, I hope you’ll feel able to spare a few pounds to help someone achieve a better state of mind.

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