Counselling for Cancer

by CancerWise in Chichester, England, United Kingdom

Counselling for Cancer


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CancerWise aim to provide 900 hours of counselling for cancer per year to help people cope with a diagnosis or bereavement of a loved one.

by CancerWise in Chichester, England, United Kingdom

CancerWise is an independent cancer support charity based in Chichester, West Sussex. 

Established in 1983, we have 36 years of experience supporting the health & wellbeing of individuals (adults) throughout West Sussex and South East Hampshire who are affected by cancer. This includes supporting individuals from diagnosis, throughout treatment and beyond. We also provide support for their adult family members, and carers, as we recognise the detrimental affect cancer can have not just on the individual, but their families too.

Our centre provides invaluable emotional and holistic support to our beneficiaries, delivering a wide variety of counselling and complementary therapies, art therapy, gentle exercise classes, music therapy, specialist support groups and social events. We currently have 200-250 people accessing our services monthly, with an increasing demand due to other organisations and health services being oversubscribed which combined with staff shortages is causing long waiting lists. 

A cancer diagnosis can spark feelings of fear, anxiety and depression that continue well beyond the end of treatment. With a known correlation between mental distress in patients and mortality rates, we understand the importance of good mental health throughout treatment and its positive impact upon patient recovery rates. We also understand the impact upon the patient’s families, as their lives are interlinked it is important that the mental health of the whole family is supported. It is because of this we offer our services to both patients and their families.

 The support services we provide are client centred and directed, without a limit on the number of sessions available to each individual. Because of this, everyone who visits our centre receives the correct level of support, leading to the reduction of negative feelings, which alongside their medical treatments, improves the mental and emotional health of patients.

 Our centre is essential to many throughout West Sussex. Our beneficiaries are often referred to CancerWise through local GP’s, Time to Talk, Macmillan and individual oncology departments in Portsmouth, Chichester, Worthing, Brighton and London

 Below are some client comments displaying the positive impact CancerWise had on their Cancer journey:

 “CancerWise has been invaluable to me over the last 6 months. Somewhere to pop in for a friendly chat, ask advice and experience relaxing therapies. It has really helped me to cope with my treatment and feel human again.”

 “This place has saved my life. It’s absolutely marvellous. You don’t just survive, you thrive.”

“CancerWise – An oasis of calm and loving care in a desert of worry, fear and despair”.

 CancerWise provide 900 hours of counselling per year (18 hours per week) at a cost of £18,000.  However the need for counselling at CancerWise has increased greatly.  With more clients accessing this service we now need to provide and extra 6 counselling hours per week which will increase our costs by £6,000 bringing our total cost for this service to £24,000 per year.

It is vital we raise funds for Counselling for Cancer to keep our door open and services accessible to all who need our support.

Let's make 'Counselling for Cancer' happen

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