Becoming a Pro cyclist, but need your help!

Project by Anthony Jarrett
Becoming a Pro cyclist, but need your help!

I'm a full time computer science student, progressing towards elite level in road cycling, in need of some financial assistance.

We did it!

On 31st Mar 2016 we successfully raised £20 with 1 supporter in 28 days

I came across CrowdFunding because I had exhausted all other ways of raising funds to support me through my medical training

Hello, My name's Anthony, 22 years old, a full time student studying Computer Science. I'm a passionate cyclist who turned competitive at the age of 18. Cycling took me out of a state of depression when I was younger and I'm very fortunate to be the person I am today because of it.

I'm currently making my way through my studies and progressing towards elite level in the UK. My ambition is to make the leap to a professional team at the end of the year. 

My struggle is the cost. Previosly I'd done a part time job to pay for my competition and expenses, however in order to balance both studies and sports I had to drop it. 

I'm currently in a difficult situation where I have to choose between living costs or travelling to races and paying other expenses. I have a student loan lined up at the end of April, however I need a small amount of money to help me through this rough period. 

I have exahausted all other avenues before coming here and I have sold all my valuable belongings. 

If there are people out there who could make contribution, it would not only help me buy daily essentials, pay for my bills, but it'd also help me cover race entry fees, pay for travel and repairs. 

I will make it worthwhile, I will become successful and it'll be down to those kind and generous individuals out there. 

Thank you. 

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