Couchtime Stories, Our Webseries

Couchtime Stories, Our Webseries

Help us produce our own international online sitcom!

We did it!

On 3rd Jan 2016 we successfully raised £385 with 16 supporters in 35 days

Help us produce our webseries!

We are a bunch of students in London, and we want to make a webseries exploring what it's like to move there for the first time and be young in this crazy city.

It's a sitcom about six people living in a flat, students or young graduates, from England, France, Ireland, Germany, Belgium and Italy. They have to face the challenges and the fun of growing up and being abroad. 

We will be filming in early January 2016. We already have a finished script, a full cast, a crew, equipment and all we need is a bit of money!

We will all be working on a vountary basis, but we think it's important to feed everyone on set and to have a nice set and beautiful costumes.

We need a budget for:

The set: £100

Costumes: £100

Food: £200

Equipment: £100

 If you need more information, contact us at

Written and directed by Lucie Tremolieres

Produced by Julie Joubert


Cora Burridge

Aurora Cominetti

Ottavia Derossi

Thomas Fenton

Florent Simon

Lucie Tremolieres

Set and costume design: Maialen Maugars and Simon Carpentier

and more people soon! 

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