Fundraise for 2 charities with our village cottage

by Charity Cottage in West Hanney, England, United Kingdom

Fundraise for 2 charities with our village cottage
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We will raise money for the Clear Sky Childrens’ Charity through guest house bookings, culinary experiences and wine tasting sessions

by Charity Cottage in West Hanney, England, United Kingdom

We want to put our beautiful 17th century Oxfordshire cottage to good use - fundraising for 2 great local causes; the Clear Sky Childrens' Charity, and the Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary

We know our cottage can make money through holiday vacations as we've done it before. Now we have moved abroad with work, we want to put the cottage to work raising money for the charity through guest house bookings on Airbnb and the like. We can also utilise the cottage kitchen to offer culinary & BBQ experiences using fresh produce from the vegetable garden, and local wine tasting sessions to sample the excellent range from the nearby Bothy Vineyard.

We're not part of Clear Sky or the OAS, but our profits will support them. Their missions are as follows: 

Clear Sky:

There are too many children out there suffering at the hands of circumstances beyond their control - they believe in the Power of Play to transform young lives. They passionately believe that the world would be a better place if adults spent more time playing with children, developing strong and healthy relationships through play to help children feel safe in this world. Clear Sky is dedicated to provide children with age appropriate and creative support at the time when they are still learning about life through their experiences, and working out how to become the best version of themselves. 

Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary

The OAS admits & rehomes around 500 animals every year. Since opening in 1967, they have proudly managed to help over 26,000 animals find their forever home.

At any one time, they have around 50 dogs, 70 cats and kittens plus a number of rabbits. They also care for permanent guests of goats and a horse called Ben.

This amount would allow us to:

  • complete the renovation of the cottage (including some repairs to the external walls, fireplace, chimney, gutters and roof tiles)
  • modify one of the downstairs rooms into a wine cellar for local wines & for initial stock purchase
  • landscape the garden and redevelop the vegetable garden 
  • improve accessibility for wheelchairs
  • employ a staff member to run the facility
  • produce a website and run marketing and manage social media for fundraising/awareness
  • in short…. to enable us to get the project off the ground and start using the cottage to raise money for these great causes

What we'll offer you:

  • £25 or more: A shareholding certificate
  • £50 or more: The above + an invitation to an annual local cheese and wine evening at the cottage
  • £100 or more: The above + an evening dining experience
  • £200 or more: The above + a night's stay in the cottage
  • £500 or more: The above + a mixed case of 6 bottles of delicious Bothy Vineyard local Oxfordshire wines
  • £1,000 or above: The above + a summer BBQ and party invitation

Each share is worth £1, and you can buy any amount from 25 upwards.

We hope you will join us on this journey and become a share holder in this great cause today. 

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