Costumed Life Drawing

by swashbucklec in Truro, England, United Kingdom

Costumed Life Drawing
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Help us bring our Digital Costumed Life Drawing to Life!

by swashbucklec in Truro, England, United Kingdom

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Join us in making our digital “costumed life drawing sessions”  come to life. Open to all artists, non-artists, professionals, amateurs and those who just want to give it a try.


In 2020 we ran quite a few physical costumed life drawing sessions featuring knights, pirates, cowboys, Greeks and more! Now in 2021 we want to bring these sessions back, but due to COVID 19 we are unable to.

Using some of our technical know-how from theatre and film and raiding our costume store we plan on bringing these sessions live to you in your homes! Offering you not 1, not 2, but 3 camera angles to draw from! 

These two-hour sessions will offer a range of poses, costumes and accessories, as well as the different cameras to choose from… and because it is digital you, can attend from anywhere! (Note all sessions are unguided)


For several reasons, we are Crowdfunding for this instead of selling tickets via another platform. 

Firstly, we hope it will allow us to reach a wider audience, secondly Crowdfunder lets us show you more about what we want to achieve and thirdly, there is the potential for some extra/match funding. 

The money raised will to go to covering the cost of running the sessions including paying the model and technical costs.  

Finally, with your support and the potential for additional funding we can hopefully run extra sessions for those who cannot afford to attend, another specially tailored for children & a young audience and also to send out some ‘starter kits’.



Our rewards are simple. A place at one of our session. To attend a session would normally be £12, physically or digitally, but for our Crowdfunder we have reduced it.

£5   -  Be a Patron of the Arts support us with a donation.

£8   -  1 session pass- just pick your session from the reward list.

£18 -  3 session pass- access to all three of the session.

£10 -  Pay it forward- helps us give two session pass to the community. 

We have three times on offer:

Wednesday 24th Feb- Knightly Session 1- 19:00-21:00 (GMT)

Saturday 27th Feb- Knightly Session 2- 14:00-16:00 (GMT)

Saturday 27th Feb- Piratical Session- 18:00-20:00 (GMT)

Suitable for all ages | We reserve the right to change/alter dates & times.

Why 3 cameras? 

Many life drawing classes have gone online but only use one webcam/camera for those attending; we want to use a least three as not everyone wants to draw from the same angle or position. By providing three, we will be able to offer a variety of coverage and make our sessions more interesting and flexible. We can even arrange specific camera angles and close up or wider-angle views enabling you to pick up more detail. We aim for the resolution to be a minimum of 720p-1080p across all cameras.

What is Life Drawing?

Life drawing or figure drawing is the drawing with pencil, ink, charcoal, paint or whatever you choose of a figure from life. Most often associated with drawing the human form nude.

What is Costumed Life Drawing?

The biggest difference with costumed life drawing is that the model has clothes on, you will be able to see how mail clings to the body of how a sword held. In our case we are also expanding this to not only clothe our model but also bring a character to life.1611419144_life_drawing_1.jpg

Why do it?

There are many reasons to do life drawing, one of the most common reasons is the suggestion that it will make you a better artist.  True, practice can help you improve and develop skills and these sessions offer you a specific time to focus on creating art. Do not however be put off if you have never tried life drawing before, this can be your introduction. Maybe you are the next Da Vinci just waiting for the right moment.

Although these are digital sessions, they are taking place LIVE only, so you will be able to ask questions of our team and other attendees. Unlike working from photos things may shift as you watch. The model is only human and needs to breath and muscles may twitch under the costume allowing you study in real time.

What will the model be wearing?

Depending upon the theme, the model will be wearing medieval style or piratical costume drawn from our costume store. Some are historically accurate (HA) others are inspired by the past but made for use in theatre and film. Which means their style and construction may not be HA but looks the part just the same. Our aim is to have the model create a character that is interesting to look at and draw. The mail and plate armour is real.


How long will the poses be?

Pose length will vary but will be between 5-30mins.

How do the sessions take place?

The sessions take place via ZOOM. You will be sent the link before the session and can join or leave at any time during the 2 hour session.

What will I need?

You will need a device that can connect to the internet and run Zoom. The bigger the screen the better, so you might want to consider plugging in to your TV or external monitor if you can. When it comes to art supplies the choice is yours! Previously we have had people sketching in notebooks, on scrap paper with pencils, charcoals, watercolours, ink and digitally.  

After the session

We would love to see what you have created as part of each session and if you are happy to share it on social media afterwards or send it to us, that would be great.

If successful we hope to be able to hold more of these digital session, with a wider range of costume, themes and models. Maybe even take ourselves out on location- ideas welcome!


Picture from previous sessions | Credits to:

@annabelhewitson : Cover, 6 | @rushing_russian : 1,2,3, 7


If we can make our total and more this will unlock another character and costume! Want to find out what era it might be? Best get supporting! 



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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Claim your space on the Knightly Life Drawing Session 2 on Saturday 27th Feb

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Claim your space on the Piratical Life Drawing Session on Saturday 27th Feb

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Pay it forward

Pay it forward- helps us give two session pass to the community.

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