Costa Rica Animal Rescue Project

Costa Rica Animal Rescue Project

Raising money to go towards my donation to the Costa Rica Animal Rescue Center to support and volunteer there for 2 weeks in 2017.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Passionate about all animals and preserving wildlife, it is my dream to go to Costa Rica and Volunteer at the Animal Rescue Center.

As a volunteer at the Costa Rica Animal Rescue Center, I will be helpong to save the lives of Costa Rica's most beautiful and endangered wildlife.

Taking the baby sloths out for active enrichment, physical therapy and teaching abused marmoset babies how to climb, giving an injured owl the courage to fly again, are just a few of the remarkable experiences I will have as a volunteer at the Rescue Center. And that's just before lunch! 

The volunteers provide support for every animal at the sanctuary, and sometimes certain recovery processes call for active rehabilitation efforts.  Main duties include feeding, cleaning, and keeping the animals stimulated, whether it is inventing toys for the howler monkeys, building climbing structures for the sloths to exercise (yes, even sloths need exercise!) or helping to bandage a puppy's burned paw. 

Whilst volunteering at the rescue center is free the Rescue Centre require a donation. Which is what I would like to raise money for. The flights will be coming out of my own pocket.