Costa Rica and Nicaragua Conservation Work

I am going to Costa Rica and Nicaragua in 2018 to do Conservation work, Community rebuilding & Local animal neutering, due to deforestation.

We did it!

On 25th Nov 2016 we successfully raised £120 with 6 supporters in 42 days


I am Daniel Whitley and I am asking you today to help me pay for my trip to Costa Rica and Nicaragua where I will be doing conservation work and community rebuilding in the rainforests and tribes. I will also be helping out at a animal centre to ensure the rainforest wildlife can remain alive and healthy.

It is important to do conservation work in the rainforest over in Costa Rica and Nicaragua as most of the forest is being burnt or commercially sold by deforestation. Therefore while I am there I will be planting new vegetation and clearing paths used by human volunteers and wildlife vets. This links in to my work with the local wildlife there as many animals are dying from deforestation and wild fires. Therefore while I am there I will be caring for the local animals like monkeys, sloths.

It is also important to do community rebuilding while I am there as I will be helping them rebuild their houses or community buildings in their village and help them find ways of getting clean water and better techniques of finding food.

Your money will fund me to travel there, get vaccinations and the materials I will need to rebuild communities and in my  conservation work

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