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By making a donation to one of the many vital charities and communities projects in your area, you will be supporting those in need during the cost of living crisis.

Take a look at some of the projects below.

Support the causes in your local area

Causes helping people with rising costs in the South

Foodbanks, charities and community projects across the South of the UK are facing an increased demand due to the cost of living crisis and many are in desperate need of funding so they can continue offering their vital services.

By donating to one of the projects below, you can help to support those most in need.


We are calling on those who own second homes and those who can afford it, to consider donating all or part of their energy rebate to charities on the frontline of this crisis.

Raise funds for your charity or community group

Start raising funds with Crowdfunder and if eligible, apply for +Extra funding from our partners.