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Our aim is to tell the World how #50sWomen are being treated amid the Pandemic: without means, 'Over-60s' are exposed to 'Severe Risk'.

by Joanne Welch, Campaign Director in Hertford, England, United Kingdom

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jeanette hurst 4th August 2020

i have just donated my weekly food and sundry bill for one week for myself and my dog to fight the injustice and the depravation i find myself in ,there is no way out of this quagmire of treachery only death ,this is not the great britain that i have always been proud of its all corruption and deception ,i just pray that that the courts are at least honest and stand for what i believe to be treacherous people stealing out of their mothers purse ,so well done back to 60 and keep up the good fight for us all god bless you .

June Thoresen 30th June 2020

Thank you to everyone at Back to 60 for your strength and determination in the fight against this injustice. You have replaced despair with Hope

Mary Biggs 30th June 2020

Wishing Joanne and all at the Back to 60 every success and a huge thank you for all that you are doing. Good Luck for the Appeal. Sadly I can’t make it to London then xxx

Lesley Howard Smith 3rd June 2020

As one of the many #1950swomen and one that by Sep 2021 will have lost 6 years of pension, I am disgusted that once again we are being put as cannon fodder by this corrupt government, enough is enough.

Mike Evers 2nd June 2020

A message all the way from Dubai supporting our mum and all in the Back to 60 campaign. Good luck everyone - win this!

Angela Taylor 2nd June 2020

Onwards and upwards Now more than ever this Government need to shield 1950's women. 76% of frontline Covid workers are women.In the 50th anniversary year of The Equal Pay Act it's about time we were treated equal.

anita iveson 1st June 2020

Please let everyone know how much every lady born in the 1950's are struggling and how much we need our pensions to enable us to stop working so that we can look after our elderly parents. Also how difficult it is to work in our 60's. It is killing me! Thank you for all the work you're doing on our behalf. Xxx

Kit P 30th May 2020

For my fellow BackTo60 team mates past & present. Without you there would be no story to tell. Awesome people xx

Catherine Moran 30th May 2020

I have waited for 6 years and hope to receive my full SP next week. I only found out by chance on my 59th Birthday that I couldn’t retire the following year. I am now supporting all those ladies who find themselves in an even worse situation during this pandemic. Roll on July 21st, the day before my birthday. Everything crossed!

Denise White 30th May 2020

This was never about equalisation It was a grab on women who had already had hard lives and we were meant to roll over and take it Thank you Back To 60 for a glimmer of Hope I wish I could afford more Keep up your great work for all of us 1950s Ladies

Maureen Flynn 30th May 2020

It will highlight the total injustice done to women of the 1950s and will encourage and empower women they do matter and stand up against Discrimination and injustice that they have a voice

Jeannie pritchard 30th May 2020

I retired from the NHS & SS due to ill health lupus, I received a very small pension 0f £289 To last me a month as pip stopped so I have struggle, if I would have had my s pension I would have managed. My resent pip claim was successful so I am happy to donate x

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