Corona Relief for Coral Reefs - Keep us Alive

by SORCE in West Lombok Regency, Indonesia


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COVID19 has shut down ecotourism, cutting off vital funding for our nonprofit marine conservation centre. Help us keep our projects running!

by SORCE in West Lombok Regency, Indonesia

SORCE is the Sustainable Oceanic Research, Conservation and Education CIC. We are a non-profit conservation organisation focusing our efforts initially in the Secret Gilis of South Lombok. We are dedicated to ensuring a positive future for our marine habitats and wildlife, achieved through scientific action and public engagement.

With the help of our Eco-Venturers and Students we work endlessly towards our vision in the hopes that our efforts can help to combat the negative effects of climate change by fuelling a climate for change.

Having opened our facility in Indonesia at the beginning of the summer in 2019 we have worked tirelessly to establish projects and nurture partnerships for the benefit of the Marine Park that we operate within. These projects have already become an essential part of the management plan for the protection of this regions marine life and we are exceptionally proud of the rate at which they have already grown and expanded. 

However, these projects are still young and in desperate need of maintenance, care and monitoring. Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak global travel has stopped and the tourism industry the world around has ground to a halt - this includes the Eco-tourism Industry, which we rely heavily on for the funding of our conservation activities. 

Please donate what little you can to help keep our projects running in this time of crisis. The human world may be standing still but our Oceans still need our help!

By contributing to this cause you are helping to fund the following projects and activities: 

Coral Nursery MaintenanceCoral Tree Maintenance

Coral Transplanting and Reef Restoration 

Turtle Monitoring and ID 

Turtle Patrols (anti-poaching) and Hatchery Up-keep

Shark Monitoring

Marine Park Management - Patrolling, Prevention of Illegal Fishing, Data Collection, Government Accountability 

Plastic Collection and Recycling

Mangrove Nursery Maintenance and Restoration

We Believe...

It is our belief that if we are to minimise, or better still reverse, the negative effects that we are causing on the amazing organisms and ecosystems that we share the Earth with, this will only be achieved by research, understanding and education.

Mankind has known the impacts of its actions and yet failed to do something for far too long. It is time we came together to change that.

We refuse to let ours be the generation that fails to act. We can deny the truth but we can not avoid it, and if we keep making excuses to do nothing then we will very soon be facing a reality where too much destruction has been caused for us to recover.

So ask yourself: How many ecosystems must collapse? How many species must go extinct, so that our children never get to admire or befriend them? How long can we pretend that our ‘progress’ is without consequence?


This Earth is our home and we have a responsibility and an obligation to take care of it – not just for the species we share it with, but for ourselves and our future generations. We do not have to accept the outcome we are heading towards.

With your help we CAN and WILL find the answers we seek.

Stay safe out there everyone! 


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This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more


Mangroves are vital habitats for marine life (not least because of the critical role they play as fish nursery grounds), as well as protecting our coastlines and providing invaluable amounts of air and water purification and carbon sequestration! For just £10 we will nurture and grow a mangrove seedling before planting it into the grove where it will continue to grow for decades to come!

£10 or more


For every £10 donation we will plant a coral in your honour and send you an email with information about your corals species, location and size! Your Coral will either be in one of our nurseries where it will become a parent stock for generations to come, or be transplanted to one of our artificial reefs where it will become an essential part of the restoration efforts to help these ecosystems thrive!

£20 or more


As a part of our Turtle ID program we are continually discovering new individuals not previously recorded in our database. Each of these turtles needs a name - and now YOU get the change to name one. We'll even send you an email update full of information about your new friend! These donations are vital to the continued protection of turtles and their nests from illegal fishing and poaching! Keep your turtle safe by donating now!

£50 or more


Pledge £50 today and we'll plant an entire coral garden dedicated to you! Each coral garden consists of a large metal frame that can hold up to 20 young corals which will develop into a stunning and diverse patch of reef that can support a huge array and abundance of marine life! We'll even adorn your coral garden with a named plaque just for you!

£100 or more


It is essential that we support the local community here whilst teaching them the importance of sustainability. One way we do this is through recycling plastic collected from beaches and the ocean into chairs and tables which we gift to local schools who are always drastically underfunded. For £100 we can supply chairs and desks for 5 children to have their own space to sit and work during their education. The kids will even write you a letter!

£550 or more


We know you can't come now, but why not book yourself a 7 day eco-venture for a date TBC later (no expiry)! Eco-ventures include food, accommodation, unlimited scuba diving and gear rental, plus a huge array of other activities. Your week will be packed full of exciting activities, and our on-site marine biologists will teach you all about marine life and conservation, opening your eyes to the wonders of the underwater world and its magic!

Let's make 'Corona Relief for Coral Reefs - Keep us Alive' happen

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