Cornlings - Children's Picture Book

Help me to get my children's rhyming story printed. Full of magic, dreams and whimsy; the illustrations are needle felted and photographed x

We did it!

On 14th Jan 2016 we successfully raised £501 of £500 target with 39 supporters in 56 days

Due to the ever increasing difficulty for new artists to break into the children's book market, I have decided to self publish my story without a publisher at this point in time. This enables me to keep control of my book and choose to print within the UK. The money raised will be used to have my complete book printed in high quantity, keeping the price as low as possible. 


I plan to sell online and through local fairs, festivals and markets, which we are very lucky to have an abundance of year round in the Plymouth area. I also hope to have readings within schools and local children's groups. The price of the finished book alone will be £5.99 and the profit from sales will enable to attend sales events and to complete the second book in the series. 

What is the Story about?

Cornlings are little creatures that are born from your dreams.

This is a story book of how they come to life.

All of the illustrations have been needlefelted and beautifully photographed to enhance the lovely rhyming narrative. 


I am hoping that it will be the first in a series of books that will inspire the imagination and get children thinking about their own dreams. 

It is a rhyming story that rolls easily off the tongue and is a great story for bedtime. 


Cornlings came into existence when I was making up a story for my own children Lilly and Harrison (lovingly refered to as The Webblings). That is the story that you can hear Lilly read in the video above.

The book that I am hoping you will support is an extention of the original story.  


I have been needle felting for four years now and have sold many items but my Cornlings are amongst my best sellers, since their arrival earlier this year. 


What Stage Is The Project In?

The book is currently being photographed by the very talented Webb Family Photography, Jamie has kindly volunteered his time to keep the costs of getting the book to print as low as possible. The complete story will be ready to send to the printers within a week of the project ending. 


I hope that my little creatures have captured your imagination and that you would like to help me make my own dream a reality. xxx

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