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The Cornish Ketchup company create locally made ketchup on a sustainable, ethical, social and delicious level.

We did it!

On 15th Sep 2014 we successfully raised £1,230 of £500 target with 162 supporters in 4 days

Newly created Cornish Ketchup is proving to be the flavour of the month for shops and restaurants in both Cornwall and further afield. Support a localised company make great food in an ethical manner, and together we can get the nation talking about the two boys destined to take down mass produced ketchup!

The Cornish Ketchup Company

The Cornish Ketchup Company was founded by two friends with a passion for great food. Real ketchup. Handmade in Cornwall. 100% natural ingredients. Kris Fleming and Chris Gordon, from Truro, founded the Cornish Ketchup Company with the aim of using local growers and manufacturers to give the traditional condiment a unique twist.

After months of hard work and a successful partnership with a local gardening charity, the enterprising duo have finally launched their new ketchups in Cornwall and are now setting their sites on getting their product to the rest of the region.

“We wanted to prove that you don’t have to be ruthless to get on in business - you can source locally and do something charitable at the same time,” Chris

“We've been trading for over two months now and have produced over 2,500 bottles so far for farm shops, restaurants and hamper companies, so it's a good start".

The two friends came up with the idea to create not one, but four new varieties of the tomato ketchup - original, chilli, smokey and red pepper - to suit every gastronomic situation.





Our ketchup is made with 100% natural ingredients - just the good stuff and no added nasties. Our ketchup tastes like a tomato explosion in your mouth because it is packed full of delicious tomatoes and just the right amount of spices and seasoning to make it the perfect partner with so many foods.

Cornish ketchup is designed to give you maximum flavour without overpowering the food that you eat it with. It compliments and enhances your food rather than disguise it.



Cornish Ketchup - The Original One from Design and Film Cornwall on Vimeo


The pair behind Cornish Ketchup are determined to work with as many local companies as possible.

This led to a collaboration with the Pentewan-based People and Gardens project - a social enterprise which helps people with learning disabilities and mental health issues develop work and social skills through gardening.

The project is one of the few commercial tomato suppliers in Cornwall and Cornish Ketchup decided it would be the perfect place to source the fresh tomatoes for the ketchup.

“We are incredibly fortunate to be able to source our ingredients so locally, and have also just started working with another local producer in Hayle which also does some great work in the community."

“But we have now set ourselves a target of producing around 1,000 bottles a week as we try to get the ketchup into stores outside of Cornwall.”


Cornish Ketchup don't want to make condiments that only take and don't give back. That's why its super important that we source our ingredients in a civic manner, and give back to those in society who aren't always able to find work themselves. 

Enter People and Gardens.

In the early days of our ketchup journey we were lucky enough to be introduced to the fantastic project that is People and Gardens. They are a charitable foundation based at the Watering Lane Nurseries near Pentewan, Cornwall, that was set up to enable people with learning difficulties or emotional impairments to be able to develop as individuals and to have equality of choice and opportunity in the workplace.

“We believe gardening can help you achieve a sense of well-being, satisfaction and self-worth. We believe that gardening can help you feel good about yourself.” Since meeting them and talking about our plans for Cornish Ketchup, Ken, Lorraine and their lovely team have been busy growing some truly delicious tomatoes for us. They are one of the few commercial tomato growers in Cornwall. (And we’re convinced that it’s their sweet, juicy tomatoes that gives our ketchups their extra special taste!)

Ken Radford, founder of People and Gardens, said the opportunity to supply the company had been very beneficial to the project.

“Chris and Kris have shown a huge understanding and empathy for our work during this partnership. They’re going about their business in a very compassionate way.”

“Being involved with Cornish Ketchup has enabled us to remain at the forefront of the community in promoting emotional and mental well being,” 




The Pledge

If you value what we are doing at Cornish Ketchup, tonight and tonight only, we are asking for your support.

The competition is hot, and the prize is a game changer for a company in our position. Perhaps you love Cornwall as much as we do, and want to help show what we can do in our county, maybe you like that we only use 100% natural ingredients and nothing else, so you know exactly what you're eating, or perhaps we're together in thinking business isn't all about profit, but giving back to the community around us. Whatever it may be, we'd love you to be part of what we are doing and ask for your support this evening.

But we're not asking for £5 for nothing.

In return for showing your support, we've designed a special, one of a kind, Cornish Ketchup package to say thank you. If you help us tonight and show your support through a £5 pledge you will receive one bottle of our Original Cornish Ketchup. This is the bottle that is the foundation of the Cornish Ketchup company and the flavour we are most proud of, AND FOR TODAY ONLY, we're grouping the original bottle of ketchup with some authentic tomato seeds, with instructions from People and Gardens on how to grow them, alongside a recipe card from the founders themselves.

We hope that you'll get stuck in and start growing your own real Cornish tomatoes, get a flavour hit from our original ketchup while they are growing, and mix up your cooking with a use for Ketchup you might have never seen coming.

If you are based outside of Cornwall, we'll wing these in the post just as soon as we can after tonight. If you're from mid Cornwall, we'd love for you to come and meet us where we can give you the one off ketchup package personally (details to follow dreckly).


The Cornish Ketchup Company was founded by two friends with a passion for great food. Real ketchup. Handmade in Cornwall. 100% natural ingredients. Please pledge for your £5 reward and share with as many people as you can, and remember we're only online til 8! 



 Thank you


                          Chris  and   Kris 




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