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Revolutionising Yoga. Creating change for women.

We did it!

On 12th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £5,120 of £5,000 target with 36 supporters in 130 days

CorkYogis is a business and social enterprise that specializes in eco-friendly, Cork Yoga mats.

Our Mission is to revolutionise yoga  and create positive changes for women worldwide. 

Free Yoga Classes with every Vote!! Please pledge though so we can hit our target!

Check out our social media pages here, we will be posting dates for our 'Secret Yogi Classes' closer to the time.




Our Yoga Mats

Our yoga mats are unlike any other mats being used in the UK today. They are made from a 1mm layer of cork on top of a 3mm layer of rubber. This makes a flexible, non-slip, amazing grip yoga mat for everyday use.

We use Cork because of this one unique quality: the grip INCREASES when wet.


Other yoga mats become slippery and dangerous as soon as you start to sweat but our cork yoga mats will keep your poses strong throughout your practice.

Our Yoga mats are great for sweaty yoga and any other types of yoga. They provide a safe and gentle surface for begginers aswell as advanced Yogis.

Cork is also eco-friendly; it is harvested from the bark of the Cork Oak which grows back every 8-9 years. Making cork harvesting a sustainable practice.

Your average yoga mat is normally crawling with bacteria after a few uses. Cork has an impermeable surface meaning it is self-cleaning and wont absorb any nasty smells or bacteria.

Our Charity

CorkYogis is partnered with an amazing charity in Kolkata, India, that rescues girls and young women from prostitution and slavery and teaches them skills to obtain alternative employment. It is important for the girls to find employment to give them financial independence, free from prostituion. Destiny also provides the girls with a family and a safe place to heal from their past lives.


We provide jobs for the skilled girls; they make our yoga mat bags which are beautifully handmade from 100% recycled saris donated to them by locals.

For every yoga mat we sell, we make donations to teach one woman a life-changing skill. Enabling her to find safe employment.

Every yoga mat sold = 1 woman learns a life changing skill

Every Yoga Bag Sold = 1 weeks wages for our skilled women


How CorkYogis was created?

Cork Yogis was born from an idea I had when I returned from a trip to India. After my grandmothers death I wanted to find a way of donating her many sarees to a charity in her hometown of Kolkata.

After meeting several charities I visited Destiny, a charity that helps rescue young girls and women from a life of forced prostitution and sex slavery. The charity is funded from products the girls make from donated sarees.

Yoga has always been a love of mine and I know how much it helps and empowers women in the west. I wanted to combine my passion for Yoga with my desire to help these women! This is when I came up with the idea of pairing a new, innovative, super grip yoga mat with the handmade yoga mat bags made by Destiny’s women. Cork Yogis was born!

We need your help!

We have just launched in March 2016 and we would love to spread the word about our mission and what we are doing. Any money we raise will go towards our dream of getting our yoga mats in big shops in London by the end of the year and being able to help more girls find freedom and happiness in Kolkata.

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