CORE@Home 2016/17

CORE@Home 2016/17

CORE@Home is a project which aims to enable more disadvantaged people to use computers in their own home.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

What is this?

CORE@Home is a project which aims to enable more disadvantaged people to use computers in their own home to benefit their education and social inclusion. We also aim to protect the natural environment by recycling and re-using computers that would otherwise be sent to landfill sites.

CORE@Home lends 'ready to use' second hand, licensed computers and computer equipment to disadvantaged people. By 'disadvantaged' you may be disabled, housebound, an older person, long-term unemployed, a refugee etc. In short, we support people who would benefit from having a computer at home but cannot afford to purchase one.

Through the CORE@Home project, we want to see more people empowered in their community through the use of computers in their own home, opening up new social networks or new learning, leading to positive change and a better quality of life.

CORE volunteers provide information and advice on accessible computer hardware and software for disabled people along with technical help at our workshop to solve computer hardware problems.

Who are we?

CORE@Home is a project run by CORE Croydon which is a registered charitable trust (no. 1146409). It was created in  2011 to meet a need that did not appear to be addressed by any other organisation.

Although we are based in Croydon we accept referrals also from other nearby parts of South London. We would like to expand our reach further when we have enough money and volunteers.

Why do we need your money?

This crowdfunding request is to cover our fixed costs for October 2016 - October 2017. This includes office rent, internet/phone and other expenses.

Currently everyone who helps with the project is a volunteer. We do, however, offer expenses to our volunteers.

Anything left over will go towards improving CORE's service.

If we do not achieve our funding goal we are likely to close in late October.