CORE Community Clinic

We need to kit out our integrated research & mentoring osteopathy clinic offering reduced cost evidence based care to Hackney.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful
  • 1 in 7 people in the UK suffer from chronic pain and this accounts for 5 million GP visits each year
  • Almost 31 million days of work were in 2013 due to back, neck and muscle problems and up to 30% of GP consultations are about these problems
  • Osteopathy is an effective treatment for musculoskeletal and chronic pain as shown in the 2010 Brontfort report and the 2004 UK BEAM trial


Everyone deserves to be pain free, right?

Yet many of us are unable to lead ordinary, pain free lives without frequent trips to the GP and prescription painkillers.  Osteopathy is an effective treatment for musculoskeletal disorders and chronic pain, but access is limited by financial constraints as it is mainly available privately or through health insurance.

We are Danny and Duncan, two osteopaths working in London, and we've set up CORE, a community interest company and charity whose goal is to provide access to low cost treatment to Hackney's residents while collecting data for research and offering a mentoring environment for young osteopaths.  


In a nutshell - the PROBLEM and our SOLUTION

Chronic pain affects 1 in 7 of the population and most of them aren’t lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit an osteopath, meaning they often have to suffer unnecessarily. We want to change that and this is your chance to help us make the clinic become a reality.

Osteopathy is unavailable to many due to expense or lack of NHS provision or health insurance. The research base is small, and there is a lack of support for new graduates. We need to equip our integrated research and mentoring clinic which will offer reduced-cost evidence-based healthcare to the local community.

What we need now...

We need renovations, furniture and equipment to create a welcoming, comfortable environment for both our new patients - many of whom might not have tried osteopathy before - and our of course our staff, none of whom will have worked in a clinic like this! 

More detail about the clinic:

Unfortunately, osteopathy is almost exclusively private making it hard to access for those who cannot afford to pay. Whilst there have been several positive (and no negative) trials of osteopathy on the NHS, it remains largely unavailable with some cancelled midway due to the recent NHS cuts. What little there is, is found primarily in wealthy areas.


There is good quality evidence showing effectiveness of osteopathy  to treat some problems. In particular, for back pain, the BEAM trials concluded that osteopathy was  a cost-effective, efficient service, with high patient satisfaction rates and referral safety. It is also one of the therapies recommended for chronic low back pain in NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) guidelines. We want to build on existing research and use data collected from our new clinic to add to evidence to justify further clinical trials. 

We have big ambitions, but why should you sponsor us? 

A life with less or no pain can mean a return to the things we love doing - gardening, dancing, working, cooking, climbing - even just walking to the shops is too painful for some people. You might not know anyone who suffers from persistent pain, but the stats suggest that you will, and in the future it may be you.

Shouldn't the NHS provide osteopathy for free?

Well yes, in an ideal world.

 The fact is the NHS has a debt in excess of £2 billion and so preventative care and research are the first areas to suffer. Also, while the Department of Work and Pensions appreciates the huge burden chronic pain puts on the economy, the NHS is tied up fighting more acute illness and therefore has less resources to address chronic problems.

We want to fill that gap. Help us.