Coreball Project

Coreball requires funding for the final tooling, design and manufacturer. Help get this project onto the market by pledging and sharing.

We did it!

On 2nd Nov 2015 we successfully raised £2,965 with 44 supporters in 28 days

The project aim

Funding is required for the final tooling, design and manufacturer of this multifunctional fitness product.

How the idea came about 

I was assembling a circuit class with lots of different types of functional fitness kit. The problems were, a) it cost me lots of money, b) it was a pain to store, and c) it took a long time to get set up. My clients would ask, "What training could I do at home?". So I set myself a target to solve all of these problems with one simple solution and the Coreball concept was born.

Why is there not a product that:

  1. You can use at home, gym and exercise classes
  2. Be affordable, save space and time
  3. Have multiple features and with a simplistic design

The journey so far...

Over four years of research and design the Coreball has been produced into working prototype alongside intellectual property. Customer testing and feedback has been recorded and it has been very positive! On a daily basis people ask, "When can I purchase one", but I am unable to sell without the initial funding for tooling and manufacturing. All my own money, time and effort has gone into Coreball alongside running my personal training business (, working as a trainer for Monmouthshire and running Bootcamp classes.


Sir Richard Branson certified

The Coreball was entered into an entrepreneurial competition to Sir Richard Branson’s "Pitch to Rich 2015". Coreball placed 30th out of 912 applicants that was voted for by the public. Coreball even got a certificate from Sir Richard Branson for being shortlisted. 

  • Virgin Start up have stated match funding on this project. This means all funds that are created from this campaign will be matched, as it will provide solid evidence of buyer interest.

The vision...

Make training more variable, save space, save time and save money. The important aspect is giving back to the industry that gives so much to society.

The Coreball benefits all parties;

  1. Users - New & innovative equipment for all levels to use at home and Coreball Classes
  2. Trainers - Educational courses & increase of clients
  3. Gym Chains - Coreball classes, updated staff & new clients

200 units already pre-ordered

Monmouthshire County Council have committed to the purchase of 200 Coreball products to be distributed across all of their leisure facilities.

How to get there...

Quotes for the tooling, manufacturing & design has equated to £20,000 plus. If this figure is raised then all three products can be created in the final form and ready for use in gyms and at home. Remeber that the funding that is rasied here will be matched by Virgin-Start-ups!

Can you help?

If 400 people each contribute £50 or 800 contribute £25 the Coreball can be ignited! Years of my own money, time & effort have gone into this project, as I truly believe it will benefit so many people in so many different ways. It is at the point where I require assistance to make it happen. I hold nearly 10 years experience in this particular industry and I would love nothing more than to be able to help more people with my dream project.

I would to give thanks to family, friends, clients, colleges and those who have given me some direction along the way. It is apprecited.

Please help Coreball and make this concept a reality by pledging and sharing. Thank you.


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