Corby Climbing Centre

Help us build a high-class bouldering facility in Corby to provide public climbing facilities & therapeutic programmes for the community

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Project aim

To build a public bouldering centre in Corby, Northamptonshire, which offers indoor rock climbing for all ages and abilities, and therapeutic climbing programmes for the whole community

About the project

Over the last three years, iDID Adventure has supported countless marginalised young people to improve their physical and mental health through therapeutic adventure programmes that improve well-being, confidence and self-esteem. Through our work, we've seen the phenomenal health benefits of rock climbing and we think everyone should have access to that!

Sadly, our local area doesn't have a dedicated climbing centre within easy reach. iDID has identified an opportunity to build a state of the art bouldering facility to enable people of all ages and abilities to enjoy this awesome sport... the benefits are huge!

  • Improve fitness
  • Aid communication, social interaction, and risk management skills
  • Fun for everyone
  • Great family activity
  • Increase strength

As a social enterprise, the profits from the centre will enable us to offer social programmes to a wider population, invest in grassroots paraclimbing, and support marginalised individuals in our community.

The Corby Climbing Centre will be home to over 6000 sqft of bouldering walls catering for absolute beginners and advanced climbers alike.  Bouldering is low level climbing without the use of ropes with walls surrounded by thick crash mats. Each wall has a different 'problem' (a series of climbing holds that form a route to the top of the wall). Climbers then use their strength, problem solving skills, and technique to get to the top. No two routes are the same.

This fantastic sport has seen a massive rise in popularity due to the fact it's extremely accessible, sociable, and most importantly... it's fun!

*Photo Credit: Vauxwall London

Over the last year, our team of experts have worked tirelessly, volunteering their time, expertise, and money to get this right so we have the best chance of launching a high standard bouldering facility in Corby. For the locals here, it's tough to get into this brilliant sport when there is no dedicated climbing centre nearby, and we want to share the benefits that climbing can have on people's lives. 

As a great way to keep fit, bouldering can be enjoyed on your own or with a group of friends. At Corby Climbing Centre, you can choose to come down and climb independently or join one of our many climbing clubs and sessions.

  • Coaching evening
  • Paraclimbing clubs
  • Bouldering Leagues
  • Dedicated children's sessions
  • Ladies Only

*Photo Credit: The Climbing Academy

As an organisation, social responsibility and impact is in our blood, we've helped countless individuals through our programmes and development work, here are a few examples.

  • 178 programmes for over 200 young people
  • Over 2000 volunteer hours
  • Award-winning inclusive grassroots adventure clubs
  • Creators of the UK's first alternative communication system for climbers with communication difficulties

The Corby Climbing Centre will be open to the general public, and will be no different. Here are just a few ways we'll be giving back:

  • Paying above the living wage
  • Committing to environmental responsibility
  • Delivering therapeutic climbing programmes in the community
  • Supporting local events and community organisation
  • Sponsorships for promising young climbers limited by economic status
  • Invest in the growth of grassroots paraclimbing

However, none of this is possible if we can't raise the last bit of money. We've raised over 60% of our funds and now... we need your help.

By helping us raise £75,000, you'll be bringing this amazing climbing centre to life. If we don't get fully funded, we can't build. It's as simple as that.

Give as little or as much as you can, there are fantastic rewards on offer on the right hand side column. Take your pick and get pledging.

Thank you!


Get yourself some amazing rewards when you pledge to support our project. We have a huge range of options for you to choose from. If you can't see anything you want, get in touch we'll see what we can get together for you!

"Wow, this is going to be epic!" - Supporter

"Compared to the gym it's less intimidating - this is a social and laid-back sport," - Rupa Chawda

"So excited for this to be opening, just the thing I was looking for!" - Supporter

"It's a combination of brainwork and a physical workout. It's also really open and lovely. People will come up to you and say: 'I like how you were doing that, but you just need to twist your foot round like this to get all the way up there"- Katy Briers

"My son is going to love this" - Supporter

"Indoor climbing is the safest way to do what people perceive to be an extreme sport, in a relatively benign environment. It's a bit like watching Formula One on the TV. It has also definitely replaced gym use - it's a social experience, rather than just being stuck on a treadmill." - Rob Adie, British Mountaineering Council

"Can't wait for this" - Supporter

"We've had a great success with the students already and it's helping us diversify our reach - a different catchment of kids come to climb... It involves a lot of self-reliance. Students with less confidence in team sports can achieve at their own level. They can pick it up and enjoy it very quickly." - Gordon Grier, P.E. Teacher

"A climbing centre... in Corby. YES PLEASE" - Supporter

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