Cooking for Calais

Cooking for Calais

Hello, we are a small group from all over the UK who are travelling to Calais in February to volunteer whilst raising ££ for food supplies.

We did it!

On 13th Feb 2016 we successfully raised £850 of £100 target with 42 supporters in 28 days


Hi there, welcome to our fundraising page and thanks for stopping by.

We are a small team of volunteers from different Refugee Support groups across the UK who are coming together to make a trip to Calais on the 9th-15th February. We hope that we can provide some relief and support to those unfortunate enough to find themselves living there.

All of us will have at some point over the past couple of weeks and months, found reason to complain about how awful winter is - snow, ice, freezing temperatures, getting up early to defrost the car - but fortunately - for the majority of us at least - we will also have been safe in the knowledge that we have had roofs over our heads, food in the cupboards, warm clothes, ready access to medical attention and friends and family to support and welcome us.

Unfortunately this is certainly not the case for those across the Channel in 'The Jungle'. Recent reports from British Medics there, confirm that over 80% of inhabitants suffer from Hypothermia. Mud-soaked Tents make up the majority of shelters in the Jungle and what's more, French authorities have recently bulldozed a mile-long stretch of land that housed some of the more sturdy wooden cabins and shelters; thus aggravating an already desperate situation further. Inhabitants at the camp receive one guaranteed meal per day but we have now been informed by volunteers that food is also rapidly running out.

And that is where we (and you) come in.

We are travelling to the camp to volunteer with Ashram Kitchen - a volunteer organisation that provides hot meals and a sense of humanity to the population of the Camp. We are covering our own costs ie. transport (van hire and petrol) and accommodation for the 5 days we spend there, but we would sincerely like to be able to bring some much needed food supplies with us.

If you are able to contribute anything towards purchasing some food items we would be exceptionally grateful. We will also be accepting food donations themselves so please contact Andrea on 07972920742 and hopefully we can organise a pick-up or drop off point if you're in Edinburgh or Glasgow.

If you are unable to contribute financially to this project then we would be very grateful if you could contribute your energy in another way - by sharing our page amongst your friends.

Many thanks for stopping by!


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