Cookery lessons for children

Cookery lessons for children

To get young people to enjoy cooking and learning to cook with fresh ingredients

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

A year ago we saw a massive gap in the market, and noticed that a lot of children and families do not 'cook' any more. We have become a socity who tend to use a lot of ready prepared food as our lives have become a lot busier. My husband has been a chef for 18years and our 2 children who are 6 and 3 love to cook. We enjoy cooking with fresh ingredients and experimenting with them. They both love to make bread and pasta and they are so cheap and easy to make.

We started up a childrens cookery course, we ran it for 5 weeks in our local village hall and started off teaching 20 children, 10 on a Saturday morning and 10 on a Sunday morning. Once our course came to an end we were inundated with enquiries to when the next course was going to start. With my husband and I both working, we could only fit it in every other weekend and we decied to move it to being on one day.

We have now been going for a year and have about 80 children on our books. We have decided to move to a local senor school so that we can use their food technoloy room, this will enable us to allow more children and they will have their own individual oven and we will be able to teach so much more.

With us moving to the shcool we need to raise funds to buy more equipment so that the children can have their own equipment when they are cooking.