converting cars into electric

by Marek Weier in Barnwood, England, United Kingdom

Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I want to raise money to convert petrol diesel cars into electric,

by Marek Weier in Barnwood, England, United Kingdom

I want to raise money to convert cars into electric,

There are places on the market that you can convert your petrol car into LPG. I want to go step further and convert petrol and diesel vehicles in to electric that will save enviroment ( electric cars are not poluting CO2) and my costumers will save money on fuel expenses.

To convert car in to electric it is not that dificult and not that expencive as all of you can think. We just need to remove engine and replace it with electric one, in every empty place we instal poverfull bateries. I have already converted sample car and it drove sooodly, I was easly making 100miles on one charge. 

the price of such a modification will estimate from 3000 to 5000 pounds. what might be cheapest solution to become electric car owner on the market. 

Pleas help me to raise funds to go further with that project.

and help to reduce CO2 emissions

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