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Help me to make a differance. Thank you!

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Welcome to Contour Visage


My name is Louise and my aim is to raise funds to purchase more equipment to enable my clients to have a more comfortable experience with an electric beauty couch, more pigments, needles.

I'm also needing funding for marketing tools to drive awareness to people who have suffered hair loss illness due to Chemo, Alopecia. I want to create posters for McMillan so patients/clients can become aware that they no longer need to suffer the after affects of chemo with hair loss, I'd also like to run a small radio campaign to drive awareness.

My passion is to restore confidence in ladies & gentleman day to day life in applying permanent hairstrokes to simulate a natural look which will enable peoples self esteem to be restored.

Mcmillan is very close to my heart as my Dad was cared by amazing team of Mcmillan nurses whom also supported my Mum through such a difficult time in his fight against cancer, they are amazing and now my passion is to give back to those fighing Cancer after losing my Dad to Cancer in 2009.

In order to prove my passion I am willing to edit my page with a second video in shaving my hair off to support those fighting cancer, so once ive hit the halfway mark of £2,500 i will edit my video showing my wonderful funders that im serious, ill shave my 18 inch hair down to a 8mm shave, so if you wish to see this then please fund my passion as i beleive i can make a differance to so many ladies & gentleman.

If you know of anyone whom has suffered a hair loss illness of chemo treatment then i offer all Cancer patients needle charge in order to make a differance in restoring confidendance.

I will gift all funders from big thank yous to boxes of chocolates to free procedures as a thank you for believing in my passion.

I've worked hard to build a sterile clinic at my home here in West Sussex at the foot of South Downs its a private sterile space with private parking, the conversion was carried out by myself and two great friends whom worked for food and beer believing what I can do can make the difference.

Please help me to make a difference and your funding will not go forgotten nor unnoticed, so please help me to make a difference and thank you for taking the time to read and view my crowd funding page.

Thank you!

"The decision is yours"

I'd like to "thank" my son Elio for his patience in filming his Mum.