School fees for children in western Uganda

School fees for children in western Uganda

I am planning to hike 3,100 miles through USA from Mexico to Canada this summer, to raise money to pay school fees for children in Uganda

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

This summer I will be attempting to walk 3,100 miles along the Continental Divide Trail, in USA.

I am doing so in order to raise funds to pay for school fees for deserving children in Uganda. Very basic education is provided by the state up to the age of approximately 11 years.  Thereafter, all secondary education requires payment of fees, which are unaffordable to all but the most well off Ugandans.

As well as school fees for each child, funds are also required for the following:

  • Boarding (where the child's home is too distant from the school to allow day-only attendance)
  • School uniform
  • Text books
  • Exercise books
  • Calculator
  • Stationery
  • School meals
  • Examination fees

I have previously lived near to the town of Fort Portal in western Uganda, where I voluntarily managed a remote nature reserve. During this time, I developed contacts with a number of local communities, primary schools and secondary schools in the Fort Portal area.

The proposal is to work closely with a number of primary schools in order to identify students who show the most potential to benefit from secondary education, but who woud not have the opportunity to do so without financial aid.

All funds would be used to finance the secondary education costs of up to five individual students. Each student would complete up to six years of secondary education with the aim of completing examinations at A Level (or equivalent) at the end of that time.

It is estimated that funding of approximately £1,000 per year per student will be required. Over six years, this totals £6,000 per student.  The target fund raising amount of £30,000 will fund five students.