Contactless Business Cards

by Steve P in Washington, England, United Kingdom

Contactless Business Cards
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The aim of this project is to design and produce personalised contactless business cards for those struggling to afford their own.

by Steve P in Washington, England, United Kingdom

What are ICE Cards?


The main project for the funding is the ICE cards. Once funding is in place, these cards will be given out for free to mature members of families or family members with a disability. If the family member gets lost, emergency service personnel will be able to scan the cards with a smart phone and their details will be displayed as well as a next of kin contact number. This ensure the safe return home for our family member, who might not be able to remember where they live etc.

Contactless Business Cards


Getting people to recognise and find your business is difficult. Being able to afford business, leaflet drops and flyers for start-ups business is difficult too. In order to reduce the added stress of finding funds in these areas, we have came up with a digital contactless business card, that will hopefully be made available for free, to start-up businesses.

How does it work?

The contactless business cards are printed ID cards that use NFC technology to share the data stored within. The cards also has a QR code on display, which can be scanned by a smart phone. Each way used, the data is shared, using  just 1 card.

How many cards will the businesses need?

1 - each card is printed on a waterproof and fadeproof PVC NFC card. All the data of that sole trader or business (that would normally be displayed on a business card) will be held on the data within the NFC card.

Can you provide an example on how this will work?

An outdoor personal trainer is welcoming a new member to a session. Instead of the personal trainer having to carry an ID card, business cards and DBS information, the contactless business card will hold all this information. The new member can then scan the card and obtain the trainer's contact details, event calendar or any other information they wish. On the front of the card will display a picture of the trainer, their latest DBS number and any other information they wish. They will then only have to carry and hold this 1 card. The information is via contactless methods. Cleaner and safer way to share.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

Free ICE (in case of emergency) Card for mature family members or family members with a disability.

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