Highly Profitable Contact Centre Business

by matthew in Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Highly Profitable Contact Centre Business


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The aim is to provide world class customer service in the palm of your hand! We have a great focus on employee engagement and mental health.

by matthew in Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

1609179065_synergylogodone.pngWhat does Synergy mean? We are all about cooperation. Making sure everyone feels welcomed and making the workplace feel more than just a job!

The idea is an inbound customer service business. This means we take calls for a client who pay us a fee for our services.


About myself - Well, my name is Matt, I am 24 and I've worked in the industry for about 7 years now for various different companies. I am very passionate about business and customer service so it's time for me to combine the two! I'm extremely motivated, driven and I never stop until I achieve my goals.


The vision I have for this business is to make it one that you want to work for. I want a business that everyone is friendly, gets along and overall is a healthy environment for everyone.


What sets this business apart from other contact centres is the fact that we care about our employee’s wellbeing. Making sure their happiness is at the top of our priority.


As the CEO of the business, I will always remain approachable, understanding and all employees can come to me and speak their mind without the fear of getting fired or any other consequences.


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