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The aim of my project is to help females all over London to build a career in the IT consulting industry.

by Shauntai Jennelle Merritt-Osei in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

The extra money will just help me help more people. 

Growing up in a single parent council flat in south London I watched everyone around me struggle. From my mum to my aunties, there wasn’t a lot of inspiration around me but I decided at 16 that regardless of my environment I will work hard to become something to inspire others. 

This is why I created Consult Me Up. A platform that helps women from backgrounds like myself to come into the IT consultancy industry. It’s not easy be inspire yourself growing up so this platform makes it easier for females in the community’s. 

We offer CV revamps, events when different companies and speak and this offers exposure to the IT consulting industry. 

Private consultations offering mentor ship. 

Helping females do internship, job & placement applications. 

My vision is to help every female I can. Helping them to see past this environment and knowing that you can make it. I won’t stop until poverty is no longer in my generation. 

Let's make 'Consult Your Way Up' happen

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