Suing DXC Technology (EntServ UK Limited) and DWP

by Jonathan Sherwood in London, England, United Kingdom

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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I have a claim in the IP Court in London against HP/EntServ UK Ltd and DWP. For the unauthorised use of the IP owned by my company BioSYN

by Jonathan Sherwood in London, England, United Kingdom

My company developed a unique technology solution for the unemployed to sign on at Job centres using bio metric e-signature which has now been deployed across the UK. This took over 8 years investment. I was a approved supplier to Hewett Packard who have the desk top contract for the DWP/JCP. I was assured from the onset my company being a SME small medium enterprise would be allowed to tender.

Finally after years of work and investment i brought this project to tender without any involvement of the Austrian company.    I had the full rights to market the technology of the Austrian Company but HP subverted my supply chain and my Company was not invited to tender although my software company was added with me as agent.   HP have now stated that they did not preclude me from tendering but cannot produce an invitation as this was a restricted tender.   HP  can be shown to have had a duty of care as it is a requirement that Government tender suppliers meet their obligations.   It should be emphasised that both HP and JCP are using my IP without compensation and so they have been included in the details of the conspiracy that follows. 

Xyzmo stated, in the first Court case in UK, that I had a contract with them but when in Austria they stated that I did not have a contract.   Clearly there is the perjury that closed my company in the UK based on this lie and the subsequent costs incurred.

Xyzmo stated that all monies, that might be owed to me, had to be paid into a trust account for which documents were provided.   The UK law firm advised me that I should accept this requirement.   Later it was admitted that this so called "trust" account did not exist.

UK Law Firm who have stated they are Partner Firm of Austrian Law firm in letter to Wix now refute this in evidence. This letter was approved by both Law Firms and sent to another company. This demonstrates acting in concert regardless of true legal entity.

 Since I can demonstrate the pattern of Xyzmo behaviour, to forge documents and change testimony, it cannot be accepted that both Law firms would not have been aware of this when in Court. 

Failure of Austrian Law firm to supply a translator so I could participate in Court, and be allowed by human rights is not explainable.   Since I was seduced to go to Court in Austria, with the expectation of the said translator which had been pre-paid for by Bank transfer, this is clearly a fraud.   Add to this all the advice given together with conference calls, which were charged for, can be seen as a fraud designed to run their client out of funds.   When faced with reality I was not represented in Court.   The process was corrupt and I was left with no option  other than to accept a derisory offer.   I subsequently was informed that the Court case and Settlement cannot have legal standing as the lack of translator ensured that I could not participate.   As it was, I was under duress through not having a representative who should have stopped the hearing though a lack of Translator.

UK Law Firm stated in court in criminal trial against me they did not know how much I was owed. Perjury.

UK Law Firm confirmed in court they had stated did not want bad publicity from outcome of Austrian court case 8 Months in advance. Premeditation, Conspiracy to defraud.

Xyzmo have given false testimony in UK and Austrian courts. Perjury, They have corrupted the legal process. Conspiracy to Defraud. They have received goods and services by deception with no intend to pay. Theft 

They have assumed the IP of my company. Theft

Xyzmo has been purchased after court case in Austria it is our deduction this is by shell company owned by HP who wanted to adopt technology.


I am going to outline damages claim on video so the figures are explained. In excess £50 Million.

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