Conservation of St Agnes’s Church, Newmarket

by The Revd Max Drinkwater in Newmarket

St Agnes’s Church, a unique heritage location, is under imminent threat from falling forestry, which needs to be made safe.

by The Revd Max Drinkwater in Newmarket

Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

St Agnes’s Church on the Bury Road in Newmarket is a unique, grade II* listed building which offers some exquisite examples of fine late Victorian artistry. Built by the Duchess of Montrose as a private chapel and mausoleum for her late second husband, William Stirling Crawfurd, in 1885, the church includes a stunning reredos by Sir Joseph Edgar Boehm, a fine organ designed by Sir Arthur Sullivan, and elaborate mosaics after Antonio Salviati. For 130 the building has served the local community as its parish church and continues to be a focus for local activity and play a major role in the secular and life of the town.

Recently, stormy weather and high winds have caused trees in the vicinity to become unstable and one has fallen, causing some surface damage to the church building. It is clear from the condition of some of the remaining trees that they require urgent attention to ensure that further, more substantial damage is not sustained and this unrivalled architectural treasure is not lost for ever.

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