Conscientious Objection to Fracking in the UK

by Fiona Acts in Mansfield, England, United Kingdom

Conscientious Objection to Fracking in the UK


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I've already paid one third of my fine from a peaceful direct action; help me pay the rest.

by Fiona Acts in Mansfield, England, United Kingdom

My vision is a world that is peaceful and safe.  A healthy ecosystem is essential for that.  A healthy society, where people and businesses understand that their actions impact upon the ecosystem and upon other people, is essential for that.  We must transition away from fossil fuels, and we must make that transition with social justice at the forefront of our actions, so that people in our local communities, and around the world, don't suffer any more than they already have from climate breakdown impacts.  The age when a few people could profit with impunity from exploitation of our planetary home is over, and ecocide must be established as a crime.

It's not easy to make changes, I know, but there are lots of people and organisations doing fabulous work to bring about the changes we need.  At various times, when I've had the income, I've sent support their way. I've also engaged throughout my adult life with the political process in this country, and used the legitimate and democratic means available to me to try and communicate with political representatives and policymakers.  It hasn't been enough.  I've been alive for 46 years now, and environmental destruction continues, despite clear warnings from scientists.

In 2018 I gave up my local government job, with its fossil fuel invested pension plan, and went to live on an environmental protection camp as part of the anti-fracking movement.  Most of my time over those months was spent bearing witness to the activities of fracking companies, and trying to communicate and raise awareness about the dangers of the UK's nascent fracking industry.  I also took part in peaceful, direct action against companies who are currently prospecting for gas onshore in England.

In June 2018, I used my body to take part in a blockade action at a prospective fracking site in north Nottinghamshire (i gas, Tinker Lane).  Our action shut down the site for a day, having a direct impact on investor confidence, and helping to heighten awareness in the region of the risks posed by the industry. Pleading Not Guilty gave me the opportunity to speak on public record in court to express my conscientious objection to the development of a fracking industry in the UK.  I stood trial on 4th October 2018 in Mansfield, and was found guilty of Obstruction of the Highway.  I have a fine of £190 to pay, a third of which I've already cleared.

I stand by the action I took on that day, and I still believe we need to live differently.  I am still looking forward to the day when #ecocide is named in international law as a crime against humanity.  If any of this resonates with you, please donate.  Thank you.

Let's make 'Conscientious Objection to Fracking in the UK' happen