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Improving outcomes for young people, and enabling young people’s voices to be heard in the aftermath of a crisis

by Connexions Community Hub in Gainsborough, England, United Kingdom


                          WE ARE CONNEXIONS!!!

                                          Where Community Matters

Connexions is a local charity / community hub that runs within the heart of Gainsborough. We give people the opportunity to meet others, step into informal learning situations and gain confidence within themselves as individuals. Whether they are 6 months old or 60, we dedicate our time and services to helping them.  From Performing Arts Group to Quiz Nights. From Baby Groups to Short Courses, there will always be a place for everyone at Connexions. 



Our Amazing Team

Our volunteers range from people who have used our centre and are wanting to gain experience helping others to people with degrees or qualifications that would help with childcare, health or tutoring. The knowledge base within Connexions is huge! And we are proud to have everyone on board because, it shows the dynamics behind what a community needs to continue being driven into a more positive future. We pride ourselves on being friendly, approachable and understanding of your circumstances. From the first initial conversation we can signpost you to relevant volunteers, groups or maybe external services that we believe will support you alongside us. 


All volunteers have had the opportunity to take part in events, activity planning and also the chance to voice changes within the centre and the community by taking part in committees. From our trustees to our Youth Committee, every voice is important...

When we created our sub committees, we knew we needed a youth side to voice the opinions of the young people. To have someone on their side and encourage them to become a big part of their community. Once this group became established, they hosted meetings, attended groups to speak about their work, ran projects and gave other young people the opportunity to not only join them but to learn along side them. 


And this is why we believe our project will help others within the community and not just our own. Because we all know, children are our future. 


Young People and Their Future

We are big believers that you can learn at any age. Whether that be through qualifications or life skills. But, we recognise the issues that young people face within our society. This year, has shown how people react in a crisis. Who gets the help, who wants to help and the others who will struggle to regain their 'old selves' within the near future. 

Between Children and Young people having to adapt their school life to match the pressures of society and the moving forward movement from the pandemic, we know that there is an increased concern on their future. This in turn will impact their Mental Health, their Physical Health and create a negative outlook on their future.  This is why the Children and Youth Sector is important! Not only does it focus on the needs of the young people, it works with external services within a variety of sectors to help create positive outcomes. 


What Is Our vision

One thing that this pandemic has taught us, is that you will never know what is around the corner. So, how can we be prepared for what we believe may be a concern? By creating a support network not only within the project but, also supporters of the project, we can look at a variety of outcomes. 

All of this can only be achieved through funding for new equipment and learning resources at the Hub. Our new, re-developed learning programmes, will include such areas as:

  • Mental health and Well-being,
  • Healthy relationships,
  • Mentoring programmes,
  • Personal, social, health and economics education, and short courses in core subjects. 

And by running these at a place such as Connexions, it not only creates a sense of unity but also helps to combat the fears of an 'official learning environment' such as a school or college creating a nurturing environment. That in itself can help someone to engage in learning and enjoy the experience. 

The sectors involving Youth and Community Work is set to face a challenge. One that was unprecedented. That was before Covid-19. Now it faces a whole new challenge. For Organisations and Charities like ours who receive no core funding in order to keep running, gain materials, engage support to help the children and young people of the community. They will slowly start to disappear, and if they become lost, so will the people they help. And they are who is important through this scary challenge. 

These sectors have a huge variety of people with skills that have been adaptable through the pandemic. By using their skills and utilising all they have around them, they have still been able to continue with their relationships and build confidence, understanding and create a sense of calm during a scary situation. This is why our community hub needs your help. 


What Your Support Would Look Like

Your support will give others the opportunity to gain the support they need. This could be by helping us to offer learning programmes that will help them gain lifelong skills and will give a young person support within their future. This could help the outcomes of many young people within our community. By running these programmes for all the young people who not only need our support but are already connected to Connexions, we could grow the youth committee and give them the opportunity to develop and help their community further.

With your help, you will be giving us the opportunity  to offer online services and activities to those most in need. During the closure of the official site, all resources will be moved to online forums so that they can still be accessible to all. You can help us to continue with the encouragement of young people using their voices to tell others what they need to move forward after the crisis. 

We spoke of how the relationships with the people involved within the project is one of the most important aspects. Communication between the mentors, volunteers and the young people is vital to ensure that the project is running smoothly and that it will have a positive finish for all involved. By supporting our charity, those trusted friendships can be re-established. Essential work in supporting young people and volunteers in helping them to gain a better of understanding of the current situation, mitigating some of the likely outcomes and allowing them to move forward once again.



Who will run the programmes?

The programmes will be ran by our small family of tutors/mentors whose qualifications range from Awards in Educations and Degrees in Working with Children and Young People. They also have a range of experience. This experience is signposted within testimonials around the centre!

What learning programmes will you be looking at using?

We will not only be creating our own planned programmes that are dedicated around particular issues surrounding our community. But, by also using courses such as Arts Award or Asdan that are written specifically for encouraging particular skills via different methods. 


Thank you for reading our proposal and all the information regarding not only the project but also us and our ambition! We look forward to any support you may send our way and we can't way to expand that support with the young people within our Connexions Community. 

Let's make 'Connexions 4 Youth' happen

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