Housing for Flamingos.

by owenjoiner in Oxton, Scotland, United Kingdom

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On 20th November 2018 we successfully raised £4,411 with 66 supporters in 42 days

Complete our Flamingo Conservation effort by building a Flamingo House in The Scottish Borders.

by owenjoiner in Oxton, Scotland, United Kingdom

A huge thank you to those who pledged in 2016 helping us raise funds to build a Flamingo Rearing Facility. The Baby Barn is now in operation giving adorable flamingo chicks the perfect place to be raised. This year nine flaminglings are growing well: thanks to your help!

Photo: One day old flaminglings resting after their hatch into the world (left) and five day old chicks enjoying their first paddle.

The next stage for our Chilean flamingo conservation work is to build a purpose built house to protect them from heat, ice and wind. This Crowdfunder is for the materials needed to build the flamingo house, which has planning permission and will be built with the help of our wonderful volunteers. 

Photos: Three weeks old (left) and eight week old flaminglings catching some rays for strong bones.

At every opportunity the flaminglings are taken out for a stroll to exercise their legs and to enjoy some sunshine.

Everybody is welcome to come and see the flaminglings and to join us in celebrating their journey into adulthood.

Photo: 4 - 6 week old flaminglings enjoying the view from the Baby Barn.

We hope to hatch late eggs for many years, providing them with all the care they need to grow successfully. In March the youngsters will be released onto the lake which has enough space for sixty flamingos. When we reach sixty they will breed themselves. After that we will hatch flaminglings for other zoos who need juveniles to boost their flamingo flocks number and confidence.

We will create a big aviary over the house and lake allowing visitors to be part of the flamingo flock, enjoying all their curious behaviours. Putting a roof over the lake will protect their eggs in the future; and allow the ducks and other birds on the lake to rear their chicks in safety. It'll be an amazing experience.

Why its important:

1 Chilean flamingos are threatened and need help

2 Late-laid eggs are an important commodity in flamingo conservation

3 Having a tame flock gives scientists a valuable opportunity to study behaviour, relationships, flock dynamics

4 Help Chilean flocks around the UK and possibly Europe by hatching late-laid eggs

5 Allowing visitors to experience them closely generates passion, a powerful conservation tool

6 Exposure and education opportunities for school kids, and indeed everybody

7 Research opportunities for students

8 By helping the iconic flamingo we're helping many species of animal and plant

9 Highlighting the plight of flamingos highlights the importance of the wild habitat

10 This is a project that we can do to help the natural world

Photo: three day old flamingling chilling out.

Thank you for any support you can offer.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£500 or more

5 of 9 claimed

Name one of the flaminglings!

Unique opportunity to name a flamingo. This House Name will be entered into the global animal database. Character briefs: (colour describes current leg tag) Black - majestic, elegant, kind. White - demanding, needs cuddles. No tag - gentle giant, kind. Red - angry, softening with age. Green - petite, elegant, quiet. Yellow - goofy, clumsy. Blue - sneaky, wise, elegant. Dbl Yellow - cheeky, quick, clever. Dbl Green - sweet, charming

£10 or more

Nuts and bolts

Few buildings will stand without the nuts and bolts. £10 helps to lock all the bits together to form the flamingo house and to keep it standing. Thank you very much.

£20 or more

Foundation works

A wonderful contribution towards the foundations on which every flamingo house needs to stand. Blocks and cement pave the way for the house to be built.

£30 or more

Building blocks!

£30 pays for a sheet of roofing material or a section of wall. This is a brilliant contribution, as it represents the building blocks of the flamingo house.

£50 or more

Visit Bird Gardens Scotland for a personal tour

Please come for a guided walk around the grounds. We'd love to show you the flaminglings and all the other fantastic birds and animals we work with.

£100 or more

Flamingo tickles

Flamingo tickles are the best kind. We would love to introduce you to the flaminglings and hope you'd enjoy a flamingo session with us. A great chance for you to get to know them and to ask all the questions you want to. We would also like to include your name, if you wish, on the Flamingo House plaque as made and donated by Mark Haillay, Oxton Pottery.

£200 or more

Be moved: take a stroll with the flamingos

Join us on a flamingo-walk: meet the birds and accompany us as we take a delightful stroll through the grounds with the flaminglings! We would also like to recognise your amazing contribution by naming you, if you wish, on the flamingo house itself on a plaque donated by Mark Haillay, Oxton Pottery.

£1,000 or more

0 of 2 claimed

The floor. And, the netted protective roof.

Flamingos have delicate feet, so appropriate flooring is paramount to the health of their feet and their general wellbeing. The netted roof allows them to fly and protects eggs and chicks from predators. In thanks, you would be welcome to bring your family to meet the flamingos, to have a guided tour of all our projects and have your name, on the sponsors plaque, if you wish, on the flamingo house.

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