Connecting families in the COVID-19 crisis

by John Nicolson MP in Alloa, Scotland, United Kingdom

Connecting families in the COVID-19 crisis


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We're raising money to buy tablet devices for COVID-19 patients in NHS Forth Valley and NHS Tayside hospitals.

by John Nicolson MP in Alloa, Scotland, United Kingdom

Patients alone in hospital can feel cut off and isolated. And never more so than now when visitors aren’t allowed. That’s why we are raising money to buy tablet devices for local hospitals to allow people in COVID-19 intensive care units in NHS Forth Valley and NHS Tayside hospitals to stay in touch with their friends and families.

Can you help?

Coronavirus has changed our lives immeasurably. Many of us are working from home. Businesses have had to close their doors. For now, it is unclear when they’ll reopen. So every tablet and phone we buy will come from a local supplier. We’ll be helping patients AND small local businesses. 

I know this is a difficult time for many. But if you are able to give a donation, however small, it will go a long way to help keep COVID-19 patients and their families in touch. 

Thank you.

Any funds we do not spend on tablet devices will be donated to the COVID-19 ICUs at NHS Forth Valley and NHS Tayside hospitals.

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