Connecting Covid19 healthcare heroes 4 wellbeing

by Pollymarch Mather in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

Connecting Covid19 healthcare heroes 4 wellbeing
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Creating a safe space for the care workforce to celebrate their achievements, find peer to peer support and to support wellbeing at work.

by Pollymarch Mather in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

The aim is to collect enough funds to launch a service to connect and support care workers.

We want healthcare workers across care homes and community care in the private, and public sectors, to find a safe space to express how they feel, share coping mechanisms and get practical support in maintaining their wellbeing.

the care industry is one of the hardest industries to work in, and though COVID 19 pandemic has highlighted how much these people do, it doesn't change the fact that it is an exhausting and emotional time now more than ever.

We want to remove the barriers between care providers and help create a community, a safe space, to help people working in this area be stronger.

 When asked if Poli Cares is something she might use. Charlie a Health Care Assistant in Brighton said..

"My nerves have been through the roof and it would be a massive help to know I’m not the only one".

Research has shown that peer support, sharing best practice and celebrating excellent work has shown that it has positive outcomes on recruitment and retention and work-life experience. 

Poli Cares not only connects people to people but also people to the provider. Healthcare professionals returning to work or who are interested in joining the fight are concerned about the employment cultures they might be entering. 

This platform can provide the space for providers to show how they are working and providing compassionate care to the patient, the client, their families and their workforce.

We need your help to make this happen!

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