Dating app which takes control away from users and places it in the hands of fate, who is waiting round the corner for you?

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Ever wondered if your soul mate is out there? Is he/she closer than you think? Do you feel your physical appearance or age blight your chances of finding the perfect partner?

You can find your perfect match with Connecter. In an increasingly materialistic world where appearance is considered the be all and end all, there are a growing proportion of individuals who feel incapable of discovering true love. We at Connecter aim to revolutionise dating by match according to what's on the INSIDE rather than what's on the outside, placing emphasis on the fundamental elements of any relationship.

Connecter is the first app on the market which can confidently pair individuals with compatible matches and help them on their way to finding true love, and ultimately their soul partner. Connecter’s differentiation factor comes in the form of pairing individuals upon internal characteristics only, without even a mention of external features!  After downloading the app the individual will need to login using their Facebook details to set up their profile which can be changed or altered at any time. These alterations may include changing and posting up to five new pictures to a change of location. Connecter matches people based on the answers they provide to a personality test, choosing A or B to determine their personality type and after completion of the personality test the individual will need to answer five key character questions to ensure they are matched with someone of similar interests. Additionally, after matching with a suitable and compatible partner, users will be shown mutual facebook friends and liked pages.  

Our dating model caters for those who have been unsuccessful with dating in the past, those who lack confidence & self belief and falls on the premise of their external beauty being disclosed once their internal beauty has risen to the surface and both users have established a deep, meaningful and powerful connection offering users the best possible chance of finding a partner. We are aware that caters for a substantial proportion of dating app users and our model also caters for the adventurous type who love the idea of having no control over who they could be matched with, leaving it all down to fate; almost like a game. Both partner’s age and external attributes will only become available to view once both parties have agreed to disclose them to each other irrespective if one has opted to disclose whilst the other hasn’t.