Connected Asthma Inhaler & App

by Frank Quinn in Paisley, Scotland, United Kingdom

Connected Asthma Inhaler & App


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We help Doctors predict/prevent Asthma attacks by monitoring real time usage of inhalers via our connected inhaler and App.

by Frank Quinn in Paisley, Scotland, United Kingdom

QIoT is owned by Frank Quinn who is a veteran of over 30 years in the telecommunication sector in the UK where he managed multi million pound FTSE 100 telecom accounts. 

Frank's speciality includes a comprehensive understanding of Technology and Software. 

A few years ago a friend took an asthma attack in front of him and despite his best efforts to help his friend he was absolutely powerless. When he reflected on the event some weeks later he kept asking himself why he could not fit a sim card into his friends asthma inhaler and pair it with an App to record his inhaler usage real time. By developing this technology, every time the inhaler was used the data could be sent via the App to an AI/ML software platform that would analyse the usage patterns, collate that data it into actionable graphs that could then be sent onto health professionals to use as a guide to predict and potentially prevent future attacks. 

Frank created QIoT in Aug 2018 specifically to connect medical devices so that the real time information gleaned from these devices could be used by health professionals to act faster and more efficiently pre and post diagnosis when dealing with all sorts of medical issues. 

Since Aug 2018 he has built a team to help him develop the technology, security and software required to create the connected inhaler and App and recently the Government agency for Innovation, IUK, gave the business a small grant to fast track the development of the connected asthma inhaler system to support high shielding asthma patients during Covid-19, He now wants to release the device and App to the wider UK market. See our video at 

The team includes some amazing people from the world of hardware and software and we supported externally by our academic partners at University of Glasgow and our AI/ML platform is supported by Global software house SAS. 

2/3rds of all asthma death are preventable if only the medication prescribed was taken when and how instructed by the Doctor. Until now GP's have no way of knowing if patients are taking their asthma medication as and when prescribed. Our vision is to predict and prevent Asthma attacks before they happen, by analysing the data usage of individuals and groups and via Artificial Intelligence we can map behaviours and trends that are at present unseen or unknown helping patients and health professionals better manage their asthma daily. 

The share capital will be used to support the business in its activities to take the connected asthma device to the market place where we intend to sell it to the wider NHS Trusts across the UK, Community Group and Social Landlords and the Private Sector including Insurance and Private Medical Companies.


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