Conkers Community Farm

by justine-sharp in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England

Conkers Farm will use food waste from local schools and supermarkets to create renewable energy. Discovery centre for our entire community

by justine-sharp in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England

Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

As a society we need to change the way we think about food waste.  More needs to be done.

Conkers aims to use food and other waste from locals schools, businesses and supermarkets to create biogas and renewable energy via the processes of anaerobic digestion.  Our core values are Evolution (changing peoples attitudes about waste and raising awareness about waste to energy schemes showing that small changes can lead to big results).  Education - Conkers will be like a discovery centre for the entire community.  We will provide workshops tailored to the schools requirements, working with primary, secondary, SEND, college and university students.  We will provide mentoring,  apprencticeships and workshops for alternative behavioural students.  We are open to the entire community, working with other groups/charities such as the elderly, homeless etc to create community cohesion.  We will teach all our visitors about renewable energy, food waste, how our actions affect our environment and will be able to offer NVQs in animal welfare.  Conkers will be a great place to come and discover new things.

Energy -  we will create our own renewable energy through the processes of anaerobic digestion.  Using waste from local schools and supermarkets to be fully sustainable.  We will not operate on a large industrial scale but demonstrate that we can create our own circular economy by teaching at grassroots about our environment and how we need to work together to protect it.  We believe this model can be replicated elsewhere in the UK.

 Through Conkers Collaboration we can help schools reduce their high energy costs, cut CO2 emissions, raise awareness about food waste, teach about renewable energy, create a great community space and be fully sustainable.

We have been offered land owned by a school and as their budgets are over-stretched  any surplus energy we create will be pushed back into the grid to reduce their energy costs.  

Conkers needs your help to get it off the ground.  We have the support from our MP and our market research from both primary and secondary schools  has assured us that this project would greatly benefit our community.  Stevenage is not a wealthy town and we believe that this facility will greatly impact on our community for the better.    We have been offered land but greatly need investment to move onto the next stage.  Funds for due diligence, planning and consultancy.  

We are a community interest project and need help and investment from local businesses and crowdfunders  to make this happen.  Please visit our website or on twitter @conkersfarm for more information.

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