Confidence workshops for children

by Kate Broughton in Addlestone, England, United Kingdom

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If a child is lacking confidence it can affect everything they do. The aim of this project is to teach children how to become more confident

by Kate Broughton in Addlestone, England, United Kingdom

As a child, and even a young adult, I was extremely shy and lacked confidence, and I missed many opportunities because of this growing up.

I thought it was just me who felt this way but I discovered that I was not alone.  It was then that I realised I wanted to do something to help.  So I decided to combine my own life experiences, my knowledge of working with children and my knowledge of the science behind We are what we Think!  

So I created a series of interactive workshops that teach children techniques to become more confident, manage their feelings, become more resilient, build a positive self image and learn to focus their mind.  

There are many children today, and even some adults, who would love to have more confidence to do all sorts of things such as to make new friends, to speak in front of a room full of people, to take part in the school talent show, or to try something new.  But we tend to talk ourselves out of it when faced with the opportunity.  

My workshops teach children techniques that they can implement in their everyday lives to help prepare for exams, deal with new challenges, speak in public, make new friends, socialise with peer groups etc.

By giving children an emotional education, they become calmer, enjoy their experiences more, are more likely to develop a positive sense of self, are more confident learners and interact successfully with others.

The workshops available are either 10 weeks for 1 hour a week, or a 2.5 hour workshop for one specific topic. The workshops available are for children aged 4yrs-16yrs.

During the workshops for 4-9yrs the children learn these techniques through a movement to music and imagination section, followed by craft activities and how to focus the mind.

During the workshop for 10yrs+, they take a slightly different direction.  We conduct science experiments, practise focussing the mind and do craft activities.

The aim is to run many of these workshops and to help as many children as possible to learn, develop and use these skills to achieve their dreams.  

The money raised will be used for marketing materials such as leaflets, magazine adverts and promotional events.  To develop music to accompany the workshops and to create professional materials that are used in the classes. 

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