Making games and play for you through the crisis

by Coney in London, England, United Kingdom

Making games and play for you through the crisis


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Help Coney make games and all kinds of play - bringing fun and connection to wherever you are - and help us support our freelance artists.

by Coney in London, England, United Kingdom

Hello, we’re Coney

We have been making interactive theatre, games, adventures and play for 12 years, creating amazing playful experiences for young and old alike. 

In the midst of COVID-19, we want to continue to make games and other playful experiences to help people connect and play, regardless of lockdown. 

We are seeking donations to help us create a new selection of up to five games and other playful experiences which can be accessed for free wherever you are, and we have some bespoke rewards to offer in return.

To make these pieces, we will be offering work to our wider family of freelance artists, many of whom have been impacted by the crisis, so you'll be helping us help them too.

We Are Shadows is a recent smartphone adventure we created in partnership with Tamasha, taking players onto the streets of Brick Lane. While we can't go out and about, we're exploring ways to bring adventure into the home. Image by Myah Jeffers. 

What do we make?

We're award-winning makers of play to spark positive change. So far, through the lockdown… 

We’ve hosted Remote Socials, a regular Friday night slot in the Coney Zoom Bar, piloting new formats in live online performance – most recently a storytelling piece Telephone, a spin on the murder mystery Crocodile, and even an Escape Zoom.

With your support, we’ll continue to innovate and develop two new formats like this, then polish the best for repeated runs online.

We’ve opened a first draft of the Pop-Up Playhouse, a website hosting a variety of games and other pieces you can play online for free –

With your support, we’ll continue to develop and make two more pieces for the Pop-Up Playhouse, especially for young people and families to play together.

We’ve pivoted our young company the Young Coneys to an online programme. We're offering regular weekly sessions for the young people (aged 7-13) and their families to play, and to make play for grown-up audiences. Through this they're releasing regular episodes of the Young Coneys News Network, featuring positive stories of life in lockdown.

Episode 2 of the Young Coneys News Network.

With your support, we’ll continue this work, and develop a new format of playful workshop with the Young Coneys which we can then share more widely with other families wherever they are.

Finally, we’ll continue to share advice and resources for other artists and organisations to help them engage remote audiences and share work in this new situation.

A campaign for support, with rewards

Through the pandemic crisis and its aftermath, we want to continue making all kinds of play – live interactive performance online, games you can play at home via our Pop-Up Playhouse, and the offerings of our young company The Young Coneys – to spark meaningful fun and connection. Your support will help us offer these things for free to more people, reaching them wherever they are. 

Everything we raise from this crowdfunder will go towards those goals, but we are still offering rewards not available elsewhere. As thanks for your support, you can get access to personalised games, a gift of a virtual jukebox, a news bulletin by the Young Coneys all about you, and your very own Remote Social for your family, friends or colleagues.

More about Coney

We’re BAFTA-winning makers of play – theatre, adventures, games, and more – to spark positive change. In the current crisis we've shifted to make and share more work remotely, for people wherever they are. 

"Coney’s superpower is to mess with your mind in beautifully clever ways that leave you feeling like you are a better person and there is kindness in the world […] The mundane becomes marvellous and takes you to a surprising place” 
- Kat Nilsson, Director of Museums & Cultural Programmes, UCL 

We have years of experience making play through digital and physical platforms (and often somewhere in-between), working with partners like the Natural History Museum, Nesta, Greenpeace and the Financial Times. We create adventures of all sizes, for by and with all kinds of communities and people, by deploying the expertise of our network of artists and makers.

We are a registered charity (no. 1156864), and a National Portfolio Organisation of Arts Council England, but like many companies and artists, we’re facing significant challenges and loss of income due to the pandemic. Many of our extended family of freelance artists and makers, including our 17 Associates, have been also impacted drastically by the crisis. 

Any money you pledge here will go towards keeping Coney’s engine running and especially supporting our freelancers - and help us together make five more pieces for you to play in the home. 

Find out more about our recent work on our website.

How can you help?

We know many people are facing financial hardship at the moment, so any work made as a result of this campaign will be free to access for all. Donations will go towards making more work available to play for free,  supporting our network of freelancers in the process. All gifts, of any size, will make a tangible difference to what we can achieve.

If you're not in a position to support us financially, you can still make a big difference by spreading the word about our campaign instead. And whoever you are, wherever you are, we hope you’ll sign up to play new work as it's released. 

Follow us on Twitter, sign up for our Newsletter and (if you're interested in making as well as playing) join our Network for news as it's announced.

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