Conexus - a B2B e-commerce advertisement agency

by rafferty shotton-oza in Alcester, Warwickshire, United Kingdom

Conexus - a B2B e-commerce advertisement agency


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To create a platform that will connect physical & non physical businesses to social media influencers for services such as promotions.

by rafferty shotton-oza in Alcester, Warwickshire, United Kingdom


A little bit about me

Hi! My name is rafferty, I’m 18-year-old entrepreneur living in the west midlands where I have just finished my A-levels in which I studied Economics, business and criminology. Throughout my time studying these subjects – more specifically business - I felt let down by the lack of practical learning over the pen and paper approach most schools choose. For this reason, I spent much of my time running a few small businesses in my spare time such as a vintage clothing pop up store, bulk buying & selling products such as phone cases and also drop shipping hair products. This helped me understand the fundamentals of running a business on a much more complex level than anything they teach in schools.

How the vision was sparked

After spending over a year running many different small businesses I was able to identify a major flaw in the marketing side of, not just for ecommerce (which was what I was primarily working in) but also for businesses in general. This was the pain staking task of being able to pinpoint and contact social media influencers (all of different sizes) in order to promote my product and create content videos. this was for many reasons.

  • Small businesses lack the credibility to be able to gain the interest of social media influencers due to their size, even with the correct funding.
  • Trying to locate the correct influencers for a product promotion takes time, money and resources away from businesses of all sizes
  • The lack of communication from the influencers due to the high volume of direct messages and emails they receive (even with a manager)

This is when I started to brainstorm ideas that would make it a lot easier for both influencers and businesses to be able to connect and communicate with each other, hence ‘Conexus’.

The actual vision

The concept of ‘conexus’ involves a two-sided profile based platform where small to large scale businesses can easily find and communicate with relevant social media influencers of all sizes to carry out tasks such as promotions, product reviews, collaborations, content creation and so on. This will require each member - from either sides of the platform weather they be a business or influencer - to create profiles in order to use the website/app.

The influencer side

When opening ‘conexus’ the user will chose the influencer side of the platform and will be taken to a ‘create your profile’ page where they will be asked for information such as name, age, gender, location, interest, all they links to their social media platforms and so on. The user will then be able to surf Conexus via an explorer page to find any relevant work (promotions, product reviews, collaborations, content creation and so on) they can apply for.

The businesses side

When opening ‘conexus’ the user will choose the business side of the platform and similarly fill out a ‘create your profile’ page which will include information such as what sector they operate in, business name, location, size, what they are primarily looking for etc. Unlike the influencers, the businesses will be able to post on their feed what promotions they need doing which can then be applied for by the influencers. In contrast to this, the businesses also have the choice to search for influencers themselves through the search engine which can filter out users based on what they are looking for to pinpoint specific users.

How will I achieve this?

It will all start with a small team of web designers and developers in order to create the complex website. once this has been created, I plan to use many different types of advertisement to get the business recognised by both the influencer community and the ecommerce community. To achieve this, I have concluded that the best way to advertise this platform would be to advertise it through the users it would potentially have for example shopify gurus, medium level influencers, small ecommerce brands, Facebook groups, influencer agents and so on.

Where will funding go?

The majority of the funding I hope to achieve from crowd funder will go towards creating a team of skilled web designers/developers and mentors in order to start development of the website. Money accumulated will also be spent on things such as patients, trademarks, domains and so on.



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